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  1. I remember several months ago around the end of the summer last year I had an experience with the police involving weed after work with my manager. So I live in Maryland and I’m just a recreational user, but after work sometimes a few of the crew I would work with and myself would hangout after work in the parking lot and on this night my buddy and I decided to sit in my car and talk for a bit, he dosent smoke at all and I’m just hitting my chillum a few times and it’s about 2am now and I forgot my car was still on and my headlights are on and sometimes cops patrol that area. But him and I are just listing to music, talking and hanging out. I’m pretty fried at this point and then all of a sudden I see this vehicle pull up directly behind me and another from my left behind me so now I’m trapped in this parking spot and I then see the spotlight come on. Immediately I’m like “oh no” and my buddy dosent know what’s wrong and I say the cops are here and he’s like “really?”. Then the state cop comes up next to my window and asks us what we are doing and if we’re okay. I say yes officer we’re okay we’re just hanging out after work like do all the time and we’re just hanging out, my buddy says the same thing and the cops says “okay, be careful, have a nice yet” and as soon as he turns to walk back to his car he stops and turns around and says “oh yeah, how much weed do you have in the car?” Then I was like fuck. So I told him “I’m sorry officer i don’t have any left” like I couldn’t offer him any. And he says so if I search this vehicle I won’t find anything? So I said yep and he said do you want to try that again. So I told him I only have a little nug left, don’t know why I didn’t say I had like .5 left but oh well. So he says show me. So I show him the container and he can’t open it so he makes me open it and show him. Then he sees my bad in between my legs and asks what’s in it, so I pull the ziplock bag out and it has my chillum, bowl, grinder, cones, a poker. Those kind of things. Luckily he didn’t see the bag the ziplock was in because that’s a Maryland state police drawstring bag. But luckily for me all the cop says is “get rid of that shit and get the hell out of here” of course at the same time love hurts by Nazareth comes on. But then the cop just left he didn’t watch me throw anything away or get rid of anything he just left and so I just kept all my stuff and went home. One of my luckiest experiences with the police in my opinion because he could have fined me a bit for that. I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes from that experience though
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    july first decrim kicks in here... im kinda thinking about having a quarter on me walking down the road just to see what happens if a cop stops me
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  3. That would still result in a fine though?

  4. ummm yes
    ....25 bucks
  5. Sounds like an extra eight.

  6. TL;DR Got caught smoking in car, was let off scot free.
    So i figured i'd share one of my first run ins with the police (for weed anyway), i'll try and keep it short.
    So maybe 7-9 years ago when I was 19/20, Me, my best mate and our other friend would drive around, get high and order a shit ton of mcdonalds.
    So this one night me and BM pick up our friend who lives in the next town over and were driving around in my car (1.4 Citroen C2 if anyones curious) and decide its about time for a smoke, friend says "drive up this lane, noone comes down here, I come all the time."

    so we pull up (its late at night so very dark, and there are no street lights on this lane so to be fair, we are pretty concealed from the main road). Well we all roll our own spliff and get to smoking. they have been lit for about 10 minutes max, and i look in the rear view and see headlights coming up the lane, it gets a bit closer and i can see the sirens on top of the car (they're not on, but i can see the units). Well I just panicked, it wasn't my first time getting caught by police, but it was my first time getting caught red handed whilst driving and i thought I was going to lose my license.
    The police car stops at the side of my car (drivers side) and I can feel him staring at me. at this point, he knows we are up to something, but doesn't know what exactly. he is just staring at me waiting on me to roll it down so he can ask, but I am just staring straight forward, acting like I don't even know he's there even though its painfully obvious I really do know he's there.
    After a little while, BM in the passenger seat says "he wants to talk to you bro" and presses the button for my window to go down (policemans window is already down and hes leaning over waiting) I just panicked again and say a lot louder than i meant to "NOPE" and wind the window back up again, still pretending I don't know the dude is there.

    At this point the PC has had enough and gets out the car, walks over and I just wind the window down, PC says "alright lads what are we doing down he- *sniff sniff* oh ahhh thats what you're doing is it?"
    He says something along the lines of "come on then hand it over." Mate in the back seat has the bag and hes hiding it between his dick and balls not saying a word, and me and BM aren't going to dob him in, although I admit at this point its just milking a dead cow.
    PC calls for backup and a second squad car shows up along with a dog unit (your taxes a work, a total of 5 officers, 3 vehicles and dogs for 3 lads with whats left of an 8th.)

    The backup arrives and a different PC walks over with a lady PC who is either new or just a jobsworth. PC leans down to my window and says "have you had any?"(bearing in mind im driving) I figure theres no denying it so I just say yeah. (turns out he was asking in a "hinty" sort of way, expecting me to say no, i was just too high and nervous to realise) BM says "noooo" quite loudly, I look at him, and then back to the PC and lady PC and just change my answer to "no".
    I'm telling you, this lady PC was HORNY for my license, she was so excited and said to PC "do you want to deal with his mates and i'll take him in the car and we can have a look at his license." You could tell she wanted to get some scissors and just cut it up infront of me. But by some MIRACLE this PC is one of the good ones. he says to lady PC something like "get back in the car and do *X task* for me, i'll handle it"
    By this point, my mates are talking to the original PC in his car, and have given him what is left of the bag, so the dog unit leaves.
    Good guy PC says "give it 20 minutes and then go home. next time pick a better place." and they all leave. Mate with the bag got a caution but thats all.
    I drove past the next day and it turns out this lane he took us up where he "goes all the time" is the entrance to a fucking garden centre!
    I think that's the luckiest run in i've ever had with them. caught behind the wheel, spliff in hand, clearly high.

    Thats my story anyway guys, sorry it dragged a bit.
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  7. Was this in Australia?
  8. No, England haha, did all the mates fool ya? ;)
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  9. lol actually I remembered watching a thing on Aussie cops where they called them constables and wasn't sure if they did that in England (I assumed PC was police constable). I asked cause I figured u might find this vid more entertaining:

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  10. hahaha quality! thanks for sharing, I had a good laugh at that lol
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