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  1. Ight so I drove to a public park in my town around 10pm to meet a couple of my buddies. I hop in his whip and since we know this place to be hot we head to another park that cops rarely if ever visit.
    We go to the very back of the park and roll under a pavilion and end up smoking a decent sized blunt. I forgot to mention, one of my buds had brought a broad (she was literally a cam star girl or something lol) but she was just chilling in the car.

    Anyways, we’re sitting there under the pavilion surrounded by woods. After we smoke the blunt and we’re on our second bowl, we start hearing some weird shit. There are these loud, I mean very loud, in the distance, electronic kind of screams. (The sound altered between like children and then an electronic howl.)

    Anyways, we start to hear this and the conversation goes as such:

    Me: “Bro you hear that?”

    C (friend #1): “Yeah bro.. I think it’s just a train.”

    Me and A (friend #2) just sort of agree and continue smoking. But, a couple minutes later..

    Me: “Bro, there aren’t trains around here.”

    A and C: “Oh shit you’re right..”

    By this time the sounds were a lot closer and even more demonic, louder, and unrealistic. We grab our stuff, get in the car, and sped out of there. We asked A’s girl if she heard anything and she said the sounds were freaking her out too. Keep in mind, she was completely sober.

    Anyways, we get back to the original park where I had parked at so they could drop me off. C dropped A and I off and I got into my car and another friend of ours picked up A as soon as he got out. In my rear view I see a cop coming around the turn and he starts following my friend A who had been completely blasted all day:eek:

    So I end up going home but I was behind the cop the whole time. My friends who the cop was following pulled over to get some gas and the cop then decided to flash his lights and ran their licenses and all that stuff. He just told them the park was closed and he left. I was so relieved the cop didn’t draw attention to me cause I was the only one that had bud on me..
    (p.s we still haven’t figured out what the noises were but we went back the other night to smoke and didn’t hear anything:smoke:
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  2. Pretty sure that sexual harassment :eek:
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  3. Because this seems to be the official and most used board for cop stories I’m going to share my one that just happened and another i have from a year ago here:
    So the first one was about a year ago, we where smoking at my friends house the gang was all there.
    It was our weekly get high and play dungeons and dragons night. So up in his room where we were, we see cops down the street about 5 cars all with lights on. Making the genius decision to go outside and find out the reason we went.
    So a woman asked to use my phone (I said sure cause I’m a nice person) and then about 10 minutes after she leaves the cops come over and ask if we knew her and why she came over.
    We told them she asked to use a phone and we let her an that’s all we know, and it was. So then we find out her boyfriend all methemoglobin out lead the cops on a chase. She wasn’t suspected of anything as she had been recently beaten but man two stoned as 20 somethings both shirtless talking to the cops must have been something.
    Now the real fun story that happened last night. So another friend and I where hanging out talking d&d while just parking in a park after getting snacks from Walmart. We load up a bowl and I put away the stuff from d&d to just smoke and shoot the shit.
    So we’re sitting there talking as he loads his small pipe and a cop car no headlights on (this was really early morning like 230) slides in the parks parking lot and pulls up right behind us.
    My friend shoved the pipe in his pocket and I reached behind me to get the d&d papers to use as the reason. So he knocked on the passengers side (where my friend and his moon rocks of triple diesel are).
    I’m thinking shit shit shit but also wanted to say stay calm but the cop was there waiting and expecting the window to be rolled down. So I just do and figured “if it goes down tonight it goes down tonight”. The cop asks for our ids and then goes to his car.
    Now I roll the windows up cause it’s cold as shit out and just tell my friend to act cool and then i start going on about d&d like nothing even happened starting in the middle of an explanation the didn’t even really make sense as a starting point.
    The cop comes back and asks why we here “to talk about d&d and hangout” we say holding papers with an entire dungeon drawn on it. He just tells us the park is closed and we need to go park at a store or something. We say oh we didn’t know the park was closed and so on and go on our way. Idk if he even smelt the weed but I don’t see how he couldn’t it was moon rocks and of a diesel of all things.
    So we leave and go looking for another spot. When it comes down to just smoking right infront of Home Depot in a empty parking lot. I just said to my friend “we gotta smoke fast and with confidence” and had about a full hour uninterrupted. Overall the night was good and I’m still feeling it.
    Moral of the story is just be cool and be a huge fucking nerd and cops probably aren’t going to care or notice. But hey in my town I know at least 3 cops smoke pot.
  4. But nothing happened?

    She just - borrowed your phone?
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    Prob saw dungeon n dragons cards n 1st thought was u guys were blowin each other.
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  6. A couple weeks ago, I came home from college to see my boyfriend and my family and I had a special gift for my man. I come from a really small town with only a sparse amount of bud and living in a college town is like going from gas station sweets to entering willy wonka's candy factory whenever it comes to drugs. I got a 55% THC juul pod and I brought it home with me to give to my boyfriend. One hit could do you good and Jacob (my boyfriend) wanted to show his bestfriend who went to college about 20minutes away so we roll on over and let Ian (his friend) try it and we all just kept puffing and puffing on it like no tomorrow. We eventually left Ian's apartment and got some mexican then Ian left to go to a party but he let us stay in his apartment for the rest of the night. We left around midnight and as we drove through campus, we were still smoking the juul. I was faded beyond belief and wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings and Jacob was driving. At one point he says, "Oh shit, I just totally ran through a stop sign and a cop is right there." Sure enough, less than a minute later the lights start flashing and Jacob pulls into an empty parking lot. He hides his juul and the packet that the pod came in and the officer steps up to the window. Officer asked what we were doing there and Jacob says visiting a friend. "Well you must not know campus very well, do ya?" The officer said. From that point on I, I knew we'd be fine. Jacob had got me flowers and they sat in the cup holder and maybe the officer saw them and decided to be nice. He let us off on a warning. Didn't even remember the incident until half way into the next day.
  7. I got two new stories and it just goes to show cops where I live are super chill if you basically not doing anything. So the other day my friend got back from being out of town and so we smoked up in his car. In hindsight smoking right up the street from the firehouse might not have been smart but we did anyway. So we talking catching up getting stoned, and then like Two ambulance and four squad cars pull up. They come up and ask if we are okay and need any help and when we tell them nah we just chilling they walk away.
    The other happened last night at a friends so we was smoking in his basement and eventually someone had called the cops because of a missing bike that was really just left on the property by some dumb ass kid (don’t leave your bike cause if you leave something somewhere it’s gone) and this is the real kicker.
    Two cops come into the basement looking for a kids bike that wasn’t there, and on the table was my loaded grinder, my weed, and like 4-5 different dabs. I mean I kinda hid some of it by palming the grinder and my weed was in a altoids tin. But I though it was his brothers coming down to smoke more so I within feet of cops I’m a basement shouted “there here for my weed!” They probably heard me.... and probably didn’t care.
  8. Long story short there were 10 to 15 police on horses bikes and in cars, I slapped a police horse on the shoulder it kicked my mate in the back I got thrown in the back of a cop car and was locked up for the night.

    Good times.
  9. I’m that one motherfucker they gotta catch!!! I rarely have any interaction with em.
  10. So i got busted yesterday. Ill keep it short as possible.

    I just picked up some hooch from a mate. As im walking down the street i can hear some clown yelling (this is where it starts) and i keep walking. 2 minutes later im almost off the street and cops fly outta nowhere and pull up and ask for my details and ask why I'M yelling and i explain it was some asshole down the road.

    So they check my id keep asking about the yelling and go about their business in the car (at this point i was thinkin' its all sweet) i was wrong he put the car in park hops out and asks me too empty my pockets and i had an 1/8th on me. he asks if i have anything illegal and im casually saying no then i pull the weed out and chuck it on the boot.

    Now at this point hes dumbfounded i was saying nothing illegal as i pull a bag of weed out. So he says nothing illegal? Whats this? I said "its weed bro" and he writes up a field invoice and a fine to make a point (at this moment im explaining some nut jobs yelling at people and he's writing me up for possession and hes better off possibly stopping random acts of violence) he dont care though cos he's a hero, lol.

    So i got a $300 fine and they taxed the weed. And on the invoice they wrote 25 grams not 2.5 haha made me laugh.

    Fuck da police.

  11. Why was your eighth only 2.5 grams? I'm confused lol

    Interesting story though. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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  12. I was following some suv down a big hill today and he tapped his brakes so I went out around and passed him when line of sight opened up enough for me to be clear..
    My car, pull for a couple seconds and I'm doing 90 around the guy just in time for a county boy to try turning onto the road I'm on..

    He turned out behind me after I dropped it down to about 4 over the limit and he eventually caught up to me.. Followed me for about 2 miles until my left turn and he kept going straight..

    I thought he was going to get me for sure because my fuzz buster was in the other car at the time, but he let me go I guess..
  13. This < is a less than symbol. He just ticketed you for having less than 25 grams. Sucks they nailed you for $300 though
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  14. I'm in the Scotland and for personal grows that are clearly for personal a d there's no evidence of dealing, it's a £350 fine for the full grow. Even get your grow room back sometimes.
    It is illegal for us but if youre not dealing the plods don't care.
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  15. Got pulled over the other day going like 13 over the cop seemed pretty shitty but didnt write me a ticket. Right before he walks away from my car he says "it pretty stupid to have a fucking grinder sitting in the seat" then he just walked away. Like a drop the mic moment for him..I was confused that I wasnt getting a ticket but drove off anyhow ..he passed me up and went about his day!
    Cops aren't all bad

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  16. Holy fuck, haven't seen you round these parts since you got into it with that knob Father Ted. Good to see ya back
  17. :bolt::bang::yay::lmafoe::bang::bang::wacko:
    That was fuckin him haha!!!
    The religious side of here sucked me in and turned me into a dick so I'm staying away from there this time mate.
    Nearing the end of my grow so gonna wait to start a journal in a couple weeks.
    Got lots of autos and some new, slightly questionable grow methods but think I'm gonna smash my return. :yay:
    Oohh yeah, I'm back mofos :icgreen:
    Waaaahhh and so is the stoned monkey!!!!!
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  18. This happened 2 years ago. I live over 45+ miles away from my boy but I haven't seen him in a minute so, now that I have a car (you don't need one in the city honestly, I just hate the bus and it's short people preferences), I went straight out there because why the heck not for a new driver.We catch up, chit chat, smoke, have a good time. I wasn't as high as I usually was (if I was super high, I'd just pass out, there's no staying up for me) so I thought, why the hell not. I got work the next day. I'm driving home.Before that I hit up 7-eleven, to grab some goodies for the ride home.Afterwards, instead of going straight home, I cruise down a side street in the town just to reminicse the old hood. Not sure why I was doing this at 3 in the AM but I did it. Still high, I wasn't paying attention and I didn't realize my car was steadily steering to the side until WHAMMO! I smack "lightly" into a truck and crash the person's axle.

    I panicked, not wanting to pay the price for it, and try to swerve out of there, as I just hit the main street. BUT when I'm driving on the main street, the car is making a LOT of noise and it seems the entire vehicle is leaning to the side. (Word to the wise kids. If you can afford it, PLEASE put your car, at MINIMUM in the driveway. Realizing I can't drive successfully for long term on the highway, I face the music and drive back to the scene of the crime. The cops is called and I wait. HOWEVER, what I had just realized is that I had previously bought an ounce of wedding cake and boy it was the good stuff. JUST before the cops turn the corner, I toss the entire bag into a person's bush across the street from me. The cops come, question me. I sobered up pretty quick due to nervousness AND the cold from the rain (did I mention it was raining and I was standing outside), they were immediately suspicious because I said that I was simply not paying attention looking around and swered into the truck. I couldn't possibly tell them that I was even tired because that can be the equivalent to a DUI. The cold help keep me wide awake at this point. However, thanks to looking like a good boy (wearing glasses helps a TON), I was able to get nothing more than a police report and a prayer and walked my sad ass to the train station.

    I immediately realized how dumb I was because they didn't even check in my car. Once again, I thank the heavens for looking like an attractive nerd. But man, I totally wasted the indi. Didn't get to smoke a wink. <_<
  19. dude, they clearly caught you in a sting operation. THe yelling man was probably a set up. Or someone trying to warn you :ph34r:. Either way, if it's not illegal in your state, I hope you fought it.
  20. Had some brownie the other night and a couple Dusty cones. Went for a drive over to my partners and got pulled up on the way. Random breath test and drug test, first time being tested I’m on my Red P Plates, barley licked the swab was asked to do it again so I barley licked it again and he came back and told me I was good to go, thought I was about to loose my license and have my car inpounded... thank god for quick thinking and praying it would work
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