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  1. The car was still hotboxed there clouds of smoke within the car and they saw it and did nothing still lol. The cops are lazy asf here.
  2. I had a close call once. Speeding 55 in a 35mph while vaping a strawberry flavored thc cartridge. Needless to say I was pulled over. Cops were shining flashlights through my car to see if I had anything. I had a big ass lock box in my passenger seat full of weed that I had left unlocked but closed. I was nervous and high so when the officer asked for my ID I couldn't find my wallet (which ended up being in my pants pocket which I never usually put my wallet there so I didn't think to check) My insurance had just expired a week ago and I had forgotten to put the new papers in my car. I thought I was going to jail for sure. The car smelled like weed but also strawberries. So she asks me "Have you been vaping?" I show her my thc cartridge vape and told her yes, hoping she'd just be oblivious to thc cartridges. She was gone for awhile and came back with a ticket for going 5-10mph over the speed limit and didn't penalize me for not having my ID or valid insurance. I got so lucky. I guess the strawberry smell threw her off and it also saved me a trip to jail lol.
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  3. Walked of my house with a lit joint in my mouth. literally as the door shuts behind me I see a cop car pass right by. luckily I was too high to care but thankfully nothing happend
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  4. I’ve been lurking on this thread for a while, probably one of my favorites. So when I was 14, my friend had biked over to my house at 2 in the morning because I didn’t have a bike and we snuck out and smoked in this nature preserve near my house. We walked out of there super baked and not 2 minutes later we get pulled over by a cop. He just asked us what we were doing and we said “Just walking around” and he asked if our parents knew we were out and we said no. He just told us to go home because nothing good happens at 3AM. Close call for sure

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    This shit happened just past Monday, and it's still so ridiculous to me.

    My best friend (we'll call her Alexis) just got back from a music festival Sunday, so naturally Monday morning I go over around 11am and we chill and watch TV for a bit. I thought that we were just gonna be at home the whole day and basically do nothing but catch up, as neither of us had cars at the time (I got dropped off). Then this dumbfuck friend of a friend calls Alexis up, says he needs help getting some weed and that if we help him out, he'll smoke us out. Alexis' car was in the shop but was supposed to be available for pickup so we get a buddy of ours to pick us up and take us to get the car. On the way to pick up Dumbfuck #1 and Dumbfuck #2 to go see my plug one of our other friends (let's call her Diane) calls us up and she's like hey Timothy Rover (this really popular dude who we went to high school with) is having a party tonight, y'all in? I was hesitant because Timothy annoys the living shit out of me, but Alexis convinced me to agree to go. So we get Dumbfucks #1&2 and see my girl and then we go pickup Diane to spend the night and head to Dumbfuck #1s house to smoke. We chilled there for a bit, played some pool and talked until we left. We got ready and while the party started at 11 we were running late and some of our other friends were waiting there on us. We get there around 11:40, Diane brought some bud and I got wraps and a cigar to smoke for later. The party wasn't much to be honest, but it had a fuckton of people. One of the girls in the group we were chilling with told me that the police had already come around and said they didn't care what was going on as long as everybody was inside and we weren't that loud. We really should've taken that as a sign that shit was gonna go south since the police already had reports on the party, but Diane just finished rolling a blunt and I didn't give it anymore thought. We smoked the blunt, talked to some people, drank a beer, smoked the cigar. We were there maybe 30 minutes whenever this dude pops in yelling 5-0. Everybody started crowding in the kitchen, but that house wasn't that big and there were a good amount of people there. I was starting to get ready to panic whenever one girl in our group (that was comprised of only 2 white people, me and Alexis, the rest were black or mixed) came over to me and Alexis and was like "I'ma hang out with the white people over here" she had me geeking. At some point shit escalated and police started pounding on the door and me, Alexis, and Diane bolt into a bedroom and then it's connected bathroom looking for a way the fuck outa there because the backdoor was crammed with people trying to escape. Window in the bathroom was too small and people were starting to hide in the bedroom so we had to flush Diane's bud :( it was enough to roll another blunt sadly. We were freaking the fuck out trying to think of what to say to the police whenever they came to our room but then Timothy started yelling from the living room that the police were gonna let everybody go, we just had to leave. We flushed that shit for nothing!! But hell I thought we were lucky that night but then as we were leaving we saw this one drunk girl who was a friend of Alexis' cousin and she didn't know where her ride went so we were like don't worry girl we'll get you home. Then the damn drunk bitch stole Alexis' wallet, shows you you gotta be careful about who you damn trust. Anyways, we did get lucky that night, the cops easily could've decided to be assholes and search everybody but they let everybody go :)
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  6. Friday night just sitting in the house chilling and bored. My friend texts me to say he has weed so I go pick him up in my car along with his girlfriend. So as we are driving to our usual location my friend realises he has no skins. Fear not tho as his girlfriend had an empty tin soda and she used that as a pipe. She smokes a bowl from this hand crafted piece of art while the windows are up. I thought nothing of it and by this stage my friend found his skins and was rolling a juicy jasp. But as he’s rolling I see this car pull into the car park (keep in mind we are in a car park far away from civilisation in the middle of some mountain). There’s about 4 other cars in the car park but this car pulls right up next to me and my friends. I’m thinking in my head fucking he’ll all these spaces and this guy pulls right up next to me. I look back at my friend in the passenger seat next to me and as I’m turning my head away from the car I see this reflective text that says POLICE. Oh fuck panic station what do we do, are we caught? Are we going to jail? Tell my mum I love her! I look at the cop dead in the eye turn around and look at my friend dead in the eye. He passes all the shit to his gf in the back and she tucks it down her bra. 2 male officers search me and my friend and they can’t search the girl in the back as was no female cops. They search the car and give us a schooling. They didn’t find anything and we are let go without any tickets or hassle. Moved to s different spot closer to home and smoked up. Talk about close calls haha
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  7. i almost had a heartattack yesterday.
    i stopped my car near the beach, no one was parking near me. alot of cars were there but they parked really near the beach like 50-100m from me.
    i smoked a bowl, all was good. then someone just stopped his white car like 6m from me, in a very weird angle that we both could see each other from the side.
    then... a police car came patroling. they drove really slow, when they were near the white car they drove really slow. at this point i pretended to have a phone call and spoke to my phone a bit loud.
    then... when they were passing by me, behind my car, like 1-2m behind, they STOPPED. and i heard a handbrake. i was 100% sure they will come to me now.. then after (the longest) 5 seconds of my life they just drove. wtf?
    the worst thing is, the second they stopped the car i began to panic. i always thought i can manage to talk to cops while high but if they would come to me, i would freak out and in a second they will understand im guility of something.
    man i was so so so scared lol.
  8. I was leaving a friends house going to, yeah, ANOTHER friends house, and there I am, I'm a walkin', I'm doing my thing and BAM, fuckin' dbl baco at 12 o clock.
    I walked across the crosswalk on a residential street, and he's just there creeping, and then I see my savior in the form of an old speed walking asian woman. (H-HAYAI..)
    I reached the other side of the street as she rounded the corner on her side and I started to keep up with her.
    I figured the pig wasn't going to risk giving mama-san a heart attack by going WOOP WOOP.
    She was nice, too! Hello, how're you, enjoying the weather? Nice, man.
    I KNEW the fucker wanted to stop me because he just kept creeping on the curb and then he flipped a bitch out into the street and drove by a second time but NO, I still had my guardian old asian lady.
    YES I had weed on me and YES I was high out of my mind.
    The funny part was before I got my granny hokage escort, I saw the cop and thought "Hahah, this dick...I'd be nervous if I had wee-..wait, I DO have weed on me."

    Anyway, I lived. Other than that I don't have much to add except fuck clovis PD, leave me alone you bored ass mayberry ass motherfuckers.
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  9. You guys are I make it a point to have conversations with cops after I've had an edible or hit the pen. Even had one ask me why my eyes were so red (he knew)... I just smiled. And we continued with a (seemingly) long conversation about various political sh!t. Most of them are pretty cool. It's the occasional power hungry douchebag that ruins it for the rest of them.
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  10. So, I don't know what it is about Western PA people, but they love to smoke in spooky grave yards. One summer evening my friends and I were tired of sitting in the basement and playing video games all day, so we did what any other teen would do... We all pitched in and copped a dub. After we bought, we went into this creepy ass, semi abandoned cemetery. We Parked and walked into the edge of the woods so we can't be seen. Sure enough a neighbor must have called, because this was the spot for so many teens (especially during halloween). Cop car rolled up with 2 of them inside. Friend swallowed a roach and other friend stomped out the lit blunt. They smelled it on us and found a grinder and a prerolled joint in my friends car. We all got a citation. Never again did we go to that fuckin cemetery.
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  11. Like a boss.
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  12. I was arrested in college for weed. We were out and someone in the car threw out their cigarette so the cops pulled us over. That is a big fine in Florida during a really dry season.

    Anyway we were all super high so they I guess they had reason to search the car. They found a little bit but since the driver (who's weed it was) wouldn't claim it, we were all arrested.

    The guys I was with were put in these holding cells. I was going to be stuck in one with a woman all tweekie on something. I think they saw the look on my face because they ended up sticking me in my own cell. The funny part is they didn't even keep the door shut and half the time a cop was in there with me talking about art school and which ones his kid wanted to go to.

    Overall it wasn't a bad experience and definitely not a deterrent.

    I also got to do my probation at a wild life rescue for exotic animals. That place was a shit hole in reality but I commend them for trying to fix other people's mistakes. I can't stand when people get pets but don't research what it takes to keep their pet happy and healthy in captivity.

    But that is probably another topic.
  13. Dang I have never heard of anyone get pulled over for a cigarette butt. I do question if they had probable cause but things could always be worse.

    So I am from KS which is a very red state; however, I went to the University of KS for college which is in a very liberal and free town. I shared an apartment my sophomore year with 3 friends and we were having a party one night. We had a few gay gentlemen who were straight laced living above us who didn't take kindly to our loud music and noise. We had seen them in passing before and told them if we're every too loud just come knock on the door and let us know. Well instead of doing that they decided to call the cops on us the night of this party. Without even thinking my friend upon hearing the knock yells "come on in" thinking its someone joining the fun. Two officers open the door but don't step in. Its probably 2 in the morning at this point we have the music blaring, clouds of smoke billowing, and copious amounts of alcohol on every table. Mind you not a single person is 21 and the cops immediately tell everyone to go home and ask for those of us who live there to hand over our IDs. We are all standing outside the apartment talking to the officers who are surprisingly friendly given the circumstance. One of our friends was already in his individual room when the officers knocked and remained in there through the entire ordeal. After 10-15 minutes of talking with the officers they ask of us is to hand over our pieces and marijuana. We give them a bong, bubbler, and a grinder with maybe half a gram in it. They ask for all the marijuana and my friend tells them we smoked it all even though we had a bag hidden in a backroom.

    After they confiscated what we handed over they issue us all citations for noise complaint which ended up being about $200 each. Not one citation for underage drinking or the marijuana. Needless to say we we're very fortunate as this was 10 years ago when it wasn't nearly as acceptable and one county over we would have no doubt been in jail. We had a balcony that faced the parking lot and I will never forget watching the officers walking towards their car with the silhouette of a bong in hand.
  14. About 15 years ago,

    5 or 6 of us would gather in a friends porch, play cards and smoke up. This particular day it was 4/20 and a buddy brought an oz. for a mega joint. He rolled a 12 paper half oz. joint and we took a stroll down the road a bit to an old abandoned textile mill.

    We lit it up and passed it around for a few rotations. An old feller came out of nowhere with a chihuahua on a leash (a cat) and he was wielding a half ass club on his shoulder.
    He said "I know what you thugs are doing back here, the police are on their way."
    We just looked at him stoned and I started to laugh, said we weren't hurting anyone but okay we'll head out.
    Went back to my buddy's place a couple hundred feet away and sat in the glass porch right next to thw road. Lit the joint up and watched the mounties drive by a couple times. They slowed down but didn't stop. End of 4/20 story.

    About 6 years ago I was living with a crazy woman, she was throwing things from the top of my stairs and I wasn't going to lay hands on her, so I called the mounties. The dispatcher could hear her tantrum and glass shattering so they sent officers right out. I had an oz of green and a loaded bong sitting on the coffee table.

    4 officers came in and got her calmed down (she was ms. Polite as soon as they walked in)
    One officer picked up my bag and smelled it. The other said "nice bong" (was one of those hoss build-a-bongs with $600 worth of glass) I said thanks and they cleared her out of my house.
    Pretty nice mounties up here!
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  15. I'd been over at a friend's house - he lives out in the country - and was headed home with an oz under my motorcycle seat. It was gonna be dark soon and I wanted to get home.

    I was speeding a bit, and I guess I was hugging the middle line too much on a left-hand curve. Halfway through the curve, a county deputy's car came from the other way. There was no chance of a collision, but I guess they thought I was too close.

    They turned around and pulled me over. One said he smelled beer on me and asked how many I'd had. I told (honestly) that I'd had two with my friend over on Buttermilk Road.

    They put me through a field sobriety test, which I passed quite handily. Then one asked why I'd been speeding.

    "Well, I gotta take a leak, and I didn't want to stop on the side of the road." (I really did.)

    He said, "Hey Smitty, he said he needs to take a leak. Think we should believe him?"

    Smitty said, "Let's just find out."

    They took me on the other side of their cop car. It was almost completely dark now. They both pulled out their two-foot, 8 D-cell flashlights. And shined 'em at my crotch. Then they both kinda bent over and looked at my zipper.

    "Ok, you go ahead and take your leak, we wanna see if you were lying to us."

    Damn. I don't usually have an audience to take a piss, but if they want a show, it's a show they're gonna get. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the cops one foot away from my dick.

    And it worked. I got a nice pee-stream going, and just let it fly. It felt good.

    When I was done, Smitty said, "Well John, I guess he really did have to take a piss."

    John said, "Yeah, he sure did. Look filmcup, why don't you get the hell outta here and leave us alone?"

    Man oh man, I took that hint and ran with it.

    "Yes, sir!"

    I didn't even look back.
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  16. I was arrested with two ounces of super silver haze, the smelliest weed I’ve had to this day. February 14th, 2017. Valentine’s Day, never forget.
    I was on my way back to Michigan State University, pulled over for speeding. The policeman, Everett Morris was his name. He could smell the fresh weed from within two bags and a locked compartment. Yeah, dank. He plays it off cool, and just before he turns away from my passenger window, with my guard dropped, he asks “how much marijuana is in the car?”. I was subsequently searched in freezing weather and arrested for possession.
    Ironically, I had seen a medical marijuana doctor in December, but my display of paperwork made no difference, the physical card hadn’t come in the mail yet. 5 days later I received my Med card, and went searching for lawyers. Arrest record with me, charges pending. I got the opportunity to work with Michael Komorn, a defense attorney specializing in cannabis, and the president of Michigan’s Marijuana Organization. He is fairly famous, and can be found in multiple vice documentaries, including the one on Michigan PD. Extremely hyper intelligent man, you can feel it when he speaks. I’ve seen him rattle off important court cases in full detail to support his arguments, without so much as a glance at notes. I know this because I had to take the stand in court and explain my way out of my situation. Michael Komorn saved my future and I will forever be thankful, and to the ambitious Oakland County police of Michigan, you tried.
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  17. heres a story to make you think. maybe 6 years ago me and my wife (she's white from south dakota, im a brown punk from hawaii) were coming back from san diego to phoenix. in yuma they have a border patrol checkpoint. i roll by it with a gram of weed in my vest pocket in the back seat. long story short, they pull me into secondary for a random search. dog finds my weed. i get taken into custody and handed over to the sheriffs who give me an "attempted possession ticket" to drop the felony (because USBP caught me) to a misdemeanor. $700 fine.

    heres where it always makes me think. we were leaving AZ to california but this time with medical marijuana cards. as california and arizona have reciprocity with each other we can possess but couldn't buy mmj. we took along our aloud oz of weed. this time she was driving the car. the dogs were out in full. i had the weed in a bag with our medical cards. the dogs just sit there, the officer doesn't ask any questions and waves her through.

    something fishy is going on here.
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  18. Bra is best spot. Most cops are male and they aint going risk harrassment claims to feel your boobs up for weed
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  19. I was in a park next to my school toking up during break when a plainly clothed cop walked up to me. He showed me his badge and I was like fuck and just froze with the joint in my hand.
    To my surprise he only asked if knew who was throwing firecrackers around.
    After I denied any involvement the pig went on its way.
    Relieved I blew up a trash bin.

    Well it survived unharmed but trash was spread all around it
  20. my friend and i smoked together a few weeks ago in her backyard. we live on the east coast and her house is in the ghettos, and the backyards of all the houses are open (no fence) and there's this long alleyway straight down the middle of all the backyards. she said it was fine to smoke back there so we did, and at one point i was stoned and a cop walked down the alleyway. i was so high i didn't realize he was a cop and i smiled and waved at him because we made eye contact. i was literally squatted on the dirt holding a pipe in one hand and my grinder in the other. he didn't say anything and just kept walking and after he was out of sight my friend freaked out on me lol. thank god he was chill, i swear to god my dumb ass sometimes
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