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  1. had an experience with the 5 0 good or bad? post it here

    please keep comments respectful, we don't need "kill that pig" comments in here :wave:
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  2. so when i was living in the US, i went to a local tobacco shop to get a new slider for my bong. pick up a pack of cigarettes and i'm out the door. hop in the car, driving down the road the light in front of me turns yellow i go through it. my car was past the stop line when it turned red so i thought it was okay. i probably should have stopped but i didn't oh well..

    seconds later, this car straight BLOWS through the light (i later find out its my friend who had been following me.....) i see cop lights, she was my lane but 3 car links behind me, no one in front of her but me. my friend is like 4 car links back in the other lane, so the cop is looking at her and telling her to pull over. i get in the turn lane to get the fuck away from the cop and my friend goes across 2 lanes of traffic to get behind me instead of going one over and turning the other way....

    cop talks to both of us, friend lied to her about what she was doing, i told the truth about where i was going and told the cop that she was straight up lying and i don't know why. cop asks me if i have anything in the car. i say i have prescription pills on my key ring but they are legally prescribed to me, she says okay no problem. another officer pulls up.. my old school resource officer with a fucking hard on for me, oh fuck... talks with the cop asks if she searched my car and she said no he didn't consent but he told me he has his medication on his key ring. 2nd officer looks at her, looks at me and says sounds like probable cause for a search go check it out. she goes and digs around in my car, finds the slider comes back and hands it to my old resource officer. he looks me dead in the eyes and in his most epic cop voice goes "what's this son?" i looked him in the eyes put a big shit eating grin on my face and said "thats a clean piece of glass officer. you know tobacco use only" and gave him a wink just to piss him off.

    i ended up getting a ticket but no charge and i got to keep the slider :laughing:
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  3. I was in Simi Valley, CA. Just bought an ounce of some dank dragon OG the day before. Me and the homies were cruising around my friends neighborhood smoking waiting for my friends mom to leave. We go to his house and his mom is supposed to leave at 1:30, but its 3:00 and she is still at the house lagging it. Looking at my ounce for an hour and a half made me wanna smoke real bad so me and 4 of my friends drive away from the house, park, and blaze like 8 joints :smoking: We go back to the house its 4:30 and the mom is still there so we leave again park and blaze, this time I,m with two of my friends. So we smoke a blunt and like two more jays. We had so many wraps cause that morning I dropped like 60 at a headshop, my last 60. I was about to buy a scale ( THANK GOD I DIDNT) but instead I bought a grinder and didnt have enough cash for both. So anyway were smoking and get a call saying that the mom finally left and we can blaze at the house. So we head back to the house and my friend misses the right turn to go into my friends cauldesack and flips a u-turn right away (we are smoking a jay with a window up at this time) and once we turn around, coming towards us, previously following us, was a cop car, we are all faydead and get so scared roll down the windows and toss the jay. Sure enough, the cops turn arounds so we floor it and make a left onto my friends cauldesack, now sirens are on and ME being in the passenger seat I had everything i bought at the head shop and the ounce in a brown paper bag, and I toss it out the window *CRASH* it hits the brick wall and lands in the bushes. Instead of going straight into the end of the cauldesqack, we make the first right, cops on our tail, dead end. we pull over, to cops approach us I look in the rear view mirror and see they both have weapons drawn and pointed at us. They didnt see me throw the bag :hello: So they question us and begin to search the car, and they find a blunt, that my friend rolled that morning, a perfect blunt we had been waiting ALL day to smoke, but wanted to save it :( and were sitting on the curb and at this point 5 more cop cars pull up, each with to cops in them. And the area were in is upper class suburbia so of course all the neighbors come out. One of the first cops on the scene, Detective Butch gets a phone call and walks away a few minutes later he returns and says " You know what littering is? Throwing things out the window. WHich one of you littered?" MY heart sinks, at this point Ive sobered up ( it took a good 10 mins to sober up, wierd what a situation like this will do) So In response to his question I raise my hand. He then informs me that one of the neighbors saw me throw the bag out the window and called and reported it :mad: FML. I was burned out by probally some old white retired person. So they continue to question us for another 1 hour and a half but it feels like days. Me, and the driver were arrested put in cuffs and the back of a cop car, my other friend who was with us is in another cop car but not arrested. I had my friend John's car key on my neck on a lanyard, IDK why lol so i ask the cop if hell take us to my friends house up the street the one we were on our way back to, so i could return the key so we do and we pull up and 7 of my other friends are outside playing basketball and me and my friend in the cop car cant help but laugh, we are already fucked so we might as well laugh. THey take us to the station and take us to the booking room, my other friend who was in the car just has to wait for his dad to pick him up in the lobby. My mom shows up, pissed as hell, and to make matters worse they laid out everything they found on the desk and showed my mom EVERYTHING FML. So i get up to leave he hands me my ticket, I was originally charged with Felony Possesioin, Littering, Destroying Evidence, Fleeting. But ended up only getting misdemeanor possesion, because we cooperated, my friend got the same charge. As Im walking out, I see on the desk along with everything else, the pre-rolled blunt broken in half :'( </3
    I vowed not to smoke. And didnt smoke.........for three days:p I'm still waiting to get on probation, and in the mean time Im trying to get money for another ounce (;


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  4. God damn that's a really sad story. Man that sucks balls, careful probation piss testes you
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  5. here's a quicky i just remembered when i was a stupid...I would hangout with people and they would get hammered and fuck matter what age as long as they had boobs and they look over the age of 16...I always said you should watch who you fuck...

    fast foward too 3 am im passed out on this girls garage floor my mate inside fucking 2 girls...girls parents come home my friend runs into the garage and jumps on the couch and pretends to passout...

    girl gets caught with everythig off parents run into garage I get kicked in the this girls mom "GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FUCKING PERVERT"


    we leave...after getting bitched out..go to tim hortans cops show up asked me questions...I pan out lucky (I knew the cop from like 5 years ago for a fight she knew i was honest and shit)

    they cuff my him off the bench and asked if we seen these girls..nope we said..

    i get a ride home and my friend gets charged for sleeping with a minor..(girls confessed)

    Yeh so then on...This is kid was DITCHED to be my friend again gets me in shit...
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    me and my friend had two grams or so of some mids and we decided to smoke on some deserted trails in the woods. Everything went fine and we still had like a half gram left so we started going back to our cars.

    We had parked at a YMCA because there was only like a 5 min walk from there as opposed to a 15 min walk through the trail entrance. We had to walk across a big dirt area to get back to the Y. As we were walking the pigs turn on the nearest street and spot us. My friend had the weed, and I had a socket in my hand because I had no pockets. As soon as I see the cop turning onto the street about 300 yards in front of us I discreetly drop the socket through my pants leg and keep walking.

    This is where it goes bad. The cops were stopped by the road waiting for us to reach the other side.My friend panics reaches into his pocket and drops the bag on the ground. Keep in mind this is just a big dirt field were walking across with a senior home under construction near it. The cops saw him do and originally asked me what i dropped on the ground. I said "I didn't drop anything".

    The cop walks 50 yards or so and looks around and sees the cellophane of weed laying in the dirt, walks back to us and slaps cuffs on my friend and says "I saw you drop this". We denied smoking and just said we were enjoying the trails. My eyes were red as fuck, but we just kept denying it.

    I was taken into the station for questioning, and my friend was arrested and booked at the local PD. I kept to the story and after an hour I was released and allowed to call my dad to pick me up from the station. The whole time I was harassed by a room full of pigs, and treated like a criminal.

    Three cop cars and an hour later the local pd got some stems and seeds, and me and my friend who have completely clean records off the street.

    Since they couldn't find anything to charge me with they had to release me without charges.

    Edit: Oh yeah the reason the cops said they were in the area is because people have been stealing copper from the construction site what a joke all they got was two pot heads.
  7. smoked blunt. cop saw. flashed card. cop left. the end.
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  8. im high i just read flashed cunt
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  9. What card, PBA? I've always wondered how you get one of those. I know making a donation gets you the little shield on your car but I think you have to have a cop in your family to get the card.
  10. mmj card
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  11. Love new York laws... Me and like 3 other guys were hotboxing in a random parking lot (yes dumb) and a cop pulled into the lot and flashed his lights while parking behind us. We hide the roach and the cop comes up up to the window " what did you just hide?" and I said "it was a roach"

    The cop asks us all to step out, looks at our IDs and finally says "alright I'm bored but I'm not this bored, you guys can go"

    Then we just left lol
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    So me and my friends are chilling in a school parking lot in the back. we just got back from smoking in this neighborhood, pretty blown on this purple dank i picked up earlier in the day, but anyways were just chilling, figuring out what we should do, the nights pretty much over cuz its like 11, so were probably gonna dip, but as were ending the conversation, a cop pulls up and my heart drops, because we have my purp pipe, a lil bit of bud, and a grinder in the glove box.

    cop gets out, asks us what were up to, and we tell him that were lost and figuring out where my friend lives, which was a very dumb and non believable story to begin with, because we knew where everyone lived, then the cop asks if were doing anything illegal, of course we deny everything he asks, then he asks to search the car, my friend who was driving says "officer i do not consent to a search". cop says fine, and tells us to stay where we are, about 10 minutes later comes back, and starts telling us that my friend whos driving is under the suspicious list in the area, because he also had a run in with a cop because he was out past curfew, so the cop tells us that, and asks again if we have anything on us, we say no, tells us to stay where we are still, then out of no where another cop from the area comes over, older cop probably in his mid 50s, you can already tell this guy doesnt screw around. he gets in our face and says "alright guys i have better shit to do than this", "i know theirs pot in the car, hand it over and ill go easy on you", were still in denying mode, so we say officer theirs nothing in the car.

    the cop procedes to tell us he can get a drug sniffing dog over here in a few minutes, hes not playing around. we have no other option to give in. the cop asks one more time if theirs anything in the car, we say yes but a very little ammount. we hand over the grinder with about .2 of purp dank. first off he doesnt know how to get the dam grinder open, dumb pigs, but he gets it open looks at it, and asks us if we laced the weed with lsd because it was purple. the cop then was like alright guys is this all you have on you, yes........., we get out of the car one by one, get frisked against the car, thankfully we have nothing on us, except i still have my pipe in the car, that they havent found yet. we get out of the car talk to the old cop while the young one searches are car for more weed. cop just gives us a few pointers and dont smoke weed blah blah blah, of course im not gonna listen to him, but then they finish up we give him our phone numbers and names and age, then they tell us were not gonna put anything on your record, im going crazy on the inside right now because ive heard so many stories of people i know getting fucked with possesion and shit like that, and i just got off free. pretty excited all i have to do is talk to the cop then im good. thank god, but im never going to that fucking school again:wave:
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  13. Wow, you gave these cops a hard time and they still let you off.
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    and you never thought to inquire as to why you were being detained? i would want to see this "list" they supposedly have. given the equal protection clause of the constitution (also known as the 14th amendment if memory serves), it strikes me as bullshit that they would keep a list (that would be singling individuals out for preferential/detrimental treatment and it is also known as discrimination). i might have asked to see this list.

    you gotta at least try and get these questions answered. if they detain you, then find out why. if they give a reason like the so-called list, ask to see the list and inquire why you're on it. they are relying on you to be frozen with fear. the worst that happens is that you are caught, you should always assume that's what WILL happen and take every action you can to dissuade the officer from reaching that conclusion. if he is there, assume you're already fucked, and don't fear it - instead, try to avoid it. i know, easier said than done, but i've done it successfully so i know it can happen.

    ps. if you think about it, your primal reaction is the same as assuming you're already fucked. you might as well make them work for it if they are going to get it, and not own your state of mind with intimidation.
  15. The cops said they smelled it in the car but it honestly didnt, we aired out everything
  16. You are correct, but I think the cops were bullshitting just to get them to confess since they didn't do anything anyways, but yes sue the state if you get charged.
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  17. You got lucky, but you could of kept denying because they can't bring the drug dogs without probable cause. The dogs are a way to scare you into giving in. Even if they did bring the dogs they can't enter your car without consent. That leaves the dogs smelling the outside of your closed car wich will get them nowhere.
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  18. thats obviously the case. they way they see it, they're dealing with a pack of dumb stoner teens who will buy their intimidation, easy bust.
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  19. Your friend said "I do give consent" ?? I'm guessing you mean don't..

    They were bull shittin the whole time and you fell for it. And to the above posters, they had his friend on a list because of a previous run in with the police. Which is still bull.

    Next time as soon as you get the greetings and basic questions out of the way.. ask "Am I being detained, or am I free to go?"
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  20. Exactly, these cops just wanted to be pricks, if there are no charges then so be it.
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