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Offensive lineman caught on 3rd try

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SpectateSwamp, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. A friend told me this story. He knew a fellow lineman from the team.

    At the airport the baggage checker found a chunk of hash in the carry on luggage of the lineman.

    When presented with the evidence Mr. P. grabbed the chunk and went to the washroom and flushed it.

    On returning to the checkout the security found another chunk in his luggage. P grabbed that chunk and with security hanging all over him proceeded to the washroom and flushed the 2nd piece.

    A third chunk was then presented and away they went to the washroom but the toilet wouldn't flush.

    My favorite football lineman got banned for 3 or 4 games.
    His teammates started calling the hash marks the Hector marks.

    I'll bet they don't find brain damage in these pot players
  2. well they say they smoke because it helps them recover from playing. the game is pretty harsh on the body and i know i always felt i felt better if i smoked after playing basketball
    i have been hit in the head when i was high as fuck, so sometimes i wonder
    so maybe the ones that are playing, smoked before they play, we know a few nba players who smoked while playing
    maybe they got hit, and being in an altered state of mind, made the injury alot worse in the long run
  3. Sorry, but cannabis isn't going to prevent damage created by years of blunt force trauma to the brain.
    Its a great drug and all but doesn't solve every medical problem.
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