off topic questions...must have knowledge in the field of MDMA (ecstasy)

Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Alright guys. Heres the deal. I rarely dabble in the arts of ecstasy myself, but Ive come across a business proposition involving large quantities of MDMA and the need to move it.

    -I'd like to know, what price do you pay for your tabs(preferably on the west coast..better yet..the northwest..even better yet..oregon)?

    -would you pay $30/tab for pure high quality MDMA?

    -how much would you be willing to spend for this high quality product.

    -I know from a few sources, MDMA in this area can range from $20-30, even as high as $50 for a single tab at a club. Do these prices sound correct to you?(only if you live in oregon...maybe northwest)

    Any other comments on this subject are welcomed.


  2. Hmmmm okay, I realise this is a completley usless reply for you Nubbin, but so you can draw some comparisons.. I live in the UK and E's cost buttons over here in comparison to the US, on average I rarely pay over £5 for a single pill, and if buying in bulk (say for 10 ='s very good night) it'll cost around £35.. Although I know of people who can get 100 for £100.. Mucho Cheapo in comparison..


  3. When I was in Hawaii we used to pay 25-30. It was also easy to come by so if you live in an area where it is hard to find I would jack the price up if I were you.
  4. from a west coaster's point of view:

    it really depends on the supply & demand aspect. here in the bay area, if you're in the right scene it's readily available so you usually don't pay more than $20 without feeling like you got ripped off. maybe $25, banking on the hope that it is truly pure, and you can't find it anywhere else @ that moment...

    i haven't heard of anyone ever paying $30/roll, but like i said it's readily available in the right time/place around here & it could be entirely different in oregon. i say if you can charge more, go for it. start with whatever price you feel is fair, and feel out the response you get. adjust price accordingly.

    sidenote: NuBBiN my friend... be careful! law enforcement is pretty tough with ecstacy, moreso nowadays than acid even. it's the anti-drug campaign's new evil to focus on and i am confident you will be on the DL with your transactions, but always keep a wary eye, and i'm taggin some positive karma on you right now because i'm wussy and get nervous about this kinda thing.

    good luck with it, i am sure you will rid of it easily~ :)
  5. Allthough 30$ is a little above the market price, if it could be guaranteed that it was MDMA and not bleach, you shouldnt have a problem it you know people like have the $$$. Be careful though man.
  6. in the east i can get it for $15-20/roll, its odd because normaly drugs cost a lot more in the east, or atleast in my cases. Last year i was buying 10 rolls for $100 then getting rid of them for $15/roll. I had a friend in boot camp that would get rid of them for $40/roll but that was to people that couldn't find ANY drugs at all. She would come home once a month for a weekend break if she would be good, and then take back 30 or so rolls. I think shes done with her 2 yrs though. I can't find any around here anymore so i bet the prices are up now. But i don't like rolling anyways, its not good if your a depressed person, the coming down from it blows.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys..keep them comin if you have anything else to mention.

    Im not surprised at the cheapness of E in the UK snoopy, considering the two largest manufacturers in the world are in germany and the netherlands. Unfortunately, by the time the stuff gets over to my neck of the woods, inflation takes its toll....

    As for the local market, my friend and I are currently trying to figure that out, the only problem is, since these scenes are underground generally if you're not in the loop, you wont know about it. And like I said before, im not one to frequently dabble in the business of E, therefor I could be considered "out of the loop".

    This stuff is pure high grade crystal mdma, tabbed out in high doses (125mg+) and the price I would have to take it off this guys hands for would range from $15-$20, so If I can sell it off for $30/tab I'd strongly consider doing it.

    Thanks for your concern ganja...I too am paranoid about E...Ive never come across a deal concerning ecstacy so I figured I'd ask the "pros" at the city. And believe me, I'll be very careful with this stuff....there's no point in becoming some guys bitch in jail over a bunch of little pills...


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