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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. (a little story comes with the extra charge)

    Alright, Im going into surgery on monday to get my bicuspids(they're teeth) surgically removed from the roof of my mouth..see when you're adult teeth begin to come in, they travel along a predetermined path where they're horizontally shifted(sideways in the roof of your mouth)...once they reach the end of the track theyre supposed to hit a curve and turn 90 degrees vertically so that they can begin grinding down the root of the baby tooth and punch its way through your gums where they become fused and stay there forever as your adult teeth...well my retarded skull didn't have that little important turn, so my bicuspids are sitting in the roof of my mouth sideways just chillin and enjoyin the gummy atmosphere...well being the party pooper I am Im gonna go get the surgeon to put me out, stick gizmos in my mouth, and rip the teeth out ever so gently...

    Since Ill be getting a hefty prescription of hydrocodone(vicodin) and I have some aquatences who are willing to pay an arm and a leg for some, and not wanting to waste that stuff on my pansy gums...I've decided to do what I havent done in a while...Using over the counter tylenol w/ codeine (bought in guys rock with your OTC codeine!!keep up the good work!) Im going to extract the codeine leaving behind the icky acetaminophen (tylenol) and whatever other bullshit is in it.....leaving behind liquid codeine which will cure the pain like nobodies business...

    Basically its very simple once you've mastered the secret of codeine..see I went to see a tibetan monk who showed me the ways of codeine...the biggest secret he told me is that water soluble...and acetominophen is not!!...therefor its quite fuckin simple to turn what otherwise would be a waste of money(since you'll die of liver failure before you get enough codeine to kill your pain) into an ass whoopin' codeine monster..

    First step...figure out how much codeine is in each pill (mine has 8mg/codeine) figure out how much you plan on using per dose..I'll be using a shnitload because Im hardheaded with codeine and Ill probably be in a lot of pain next week (lets say around 250mg/codeine (dont go much higher though if you havent done this before...good dose for beginners is around 60mg to 100mg)....To get this much codeine it roughly comes out to 31 pills....being that this is a crude extraction, some codeine will inevitably get lost..therefor Ill round it up to 35 pills....

    Crush them all up into a fine white powder...

    Now take a cup of water and heat it until its warm..(not boiling/simmering or anything near..just warm..) mix the powder into this water thoroughly and then put it in the fridge for 15 minutes to half an hour...depending on how long it takes for the liquid to cool down until its ice cold....

    since the solubility(ability to be dissolved) decreases as the temperature decreases, what little bits of acetominophen which were able to get dissolved will now sink to the bottom due to the drop in you should have a cold milky colored liquid, with a bunch of chalky goo at the bottom..the chalky goo is the unsoluble acetominophen that sank to the take this mixture and strain it through a coffee filter twice (second time just to make sure) you're resulting liquid is pure codeine! can either drink it straight(tastes like shit and is EXTREMELY bitter)...or you can do what I'll be doing which is putting this in a pyrex dish and letting it sit in a cabinet in the dark until the liqid avaporates and leaves me pure crystalised codeine..yum!....if your'e going to evaporate the codeine remember that it is VERY sensative to light and heat..therefor dont use anything to heat up the liquid to speed up the evaporation process, and when you let the liquid sit to evaporate, dont put it out in the sun or something...I like to put it in a completely dark cabinet, by a couple of days it should be completely evaporated...

    put the crystals into a gelcap and swallow it down...have a seat....and dont operate any heavy machinery..

    EDIT: BTW I believe has a similar extraction technique in the codeine vault...incase you're not one to put your life in the hands of a stranger
  2. God speed Nubbin. I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth cruely ripped out of my poor mouth a couple of months ago they even had to bust out some of my bone. I was awake the whole time but they gave me 24 shots in my mouth and an ass-load of nitrous. Then I just had to smoke and drinkso I got dry sockets and then they got infected. It was the gayest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I had never ever experienced that kind of pain before. So I would definatly hold off on selling your little miracle pills untill your sure you don't need them. I sold some of mine and as a result I was up all night bawling my eyes out, it's WAY better to be safe than sorry.
  3. nahh Ive already prepared for that situation..Ive got some balls of opium that Ill consume incase it gets too unbearable
  4. why don't you sell your friends some opium and keep some vicodin?

    p.s. I have the fattest stickiest bowl of resin waiting for me in my bathroom right now, yeah!
  5. because I have been selling yym friends opium..I have a shitload of it..I have oo muhc opium for my own good. But the vicodin is a rare commodity..and street prices can get pretty expensive
  6. I guess i'm just a stingy bitch ;) I kept most of mine for myself. I got 30 percoset and 60 vicodin those were good times until they wore off. I only gave away 2 perc. and like 10 vicodin.
    We've had a lot of opium down here lately but i'm poor so I only get to smoke it when someone wants to put it on my bowl :(
  7. yeah, Ill probably take some of the vicodin..I love that stuff, I could eat it like candy...but I could make some seriouse chump change if I can just bite down and bear it for the next week or so...and this method for getting codeine works really damn well and that stuff can knock me out in no time.

    There's actually some really good opium on the market around here, but I decided to grow my own this season and its worked out great, I fucked the whole scraping the pods method and just dried and ground up the entire plants and then extracted the opium that way...I have something like 20 some odd grams of this stuff..and from what my friends have told me who Ive given some to, its pretty good stuff compared to the other opium on the market. Im more interested in making a fairly decent profit off this O, I dont like smoking it a lot, although the occasional ope nod is really nice.

    but now that you mention it I think my oral surgeon gave me a prescription for some percoset also..I never even thought of that.
  8. thats good that your set for the pain! and thanks for that chemical extraction tip i never thought about that before. I think i should have enough pills to do that. Or i'll try to get someone to take me out and buy some. I don't have any gell caps though if i did i'd try to make some cash from it.

  9. sex+ opium +weed is the greatest combo in the world every once in a while.

    I like percoset better than vicodin. Sell the vics and eat the percs ;)
  10. DAMMIT! I thought he prescribed me percosets also but it was just peridex (that bullshit nasty mouthwash to stop infections) fucking shitty is this!?...I heard you say something about percosets and then remembered I thought I saw them(this was like a month ago) but I just found the prescrption slip and its fucking mouthwash and vicodin...DAMMIT and I was just starting to conjure up all these evil plans for my percs...what a load of shit..

    my god Im really sounding like a junky....please forgive me're too young to be using opium and having sex..and did you know that maryjewhuana is illegal!? THATS DANGEROUS
  11. What do you know? you're just a big fat junkie ;)
    I think sex and opium are the least of my problems, I'm more concerned about riding in a car. That's how everybody bites it around here. 4 kids at my school died last year in car related deaths, sad sad sad.

    BTW: I'm 17 now, you can't tell me what to do I can get into R rated movies bitch *lol*
  12. HA! R rated movies..fuck that shnit man..just buy a ticket for a bullshit movie and then sneak into your desired theater... thats n age worh celebrating...go out and buyy bongs and cigarettes just because you can..then give them out for free to homeless people.... margaritas like a madman and stock up your house with beer like it was Y2K...

    then is all downhill form there I hear...
  13. 18 is also kind of shitty though, nobody wants to be charged as an adult ;)

    I could get into r rated movies before people usually think i'm like 20 I can buy ciggs already too, I don't know about giving them away for free though.

  14. ooooooooooooooh!!! Miss High society!!!...too good for the average joe!!! uncurtious!..the other night I was stoned and there was a guy with a sign that said "dreaming of a 99 cent hamburger"..I didn't have any money on me but I did have a cherry flavored blunt that I gave to him..he was pretty stoked....
  15. Yesterday this guy was digging around in the ash tray at the mall so I gave him a cigarette is that good enough for you?
  16. nope...keep tryin
  17. blnkboi talked to a homeless guy, and he promised to help 4 or 5 other homeless people in his life, and this homeless guy gave him some roach clips...theyre neat, got braided hemp on em...but he dont smoke j's or roaches so he gave em to me:D
  18. JUDGES?....

    Sorry melteye..since you were an evil son of a bitch and STOLE the 500 technically whomever you sole it from was the actual person who gave the guuy the 500....TRY AGAIN THEIF!
  19. indeed that is truly fucked up...theivery...them thars fightin have to tear you a new one if you stole from me!...especially 500 mutha futhin dollars....(no flaming intended)
  20. uummmmm riiight

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