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  1. Hello all first time grower here I have a GDP from seed with drying twisting leads in very early stage is this from over water or lack of nutrients thus far? Thanks in advance any help welcome 20181104_102016.jpg
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  2. feel the pot you have her in. it might be absorbing all the heat from your tent.
  3. Thank you for the reply I checked the pots they are not hot nore warm
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  4. then it probably is nitrogen deficiency. wait for the more seasoned guys to put their inputs though. get one of these. it helps my plants tremendously when they lack the nutrients from the soil. bat guano is another one I would recommend but you have to be careful with it as too much of it can fuck up your plant
  5. what soil are you using and fertilizers? im NOT 100% sure but my guess is too much fertilizer/soil is too harsh. my 3rd guess would be your light is too strong possibly too much light or too close to the plant for that amount of wattage/lumens.

    here is mine it's been through hell and back from being over watered to having it's roots cooked. it's in fox farm ocean forest and i feel big bloom and grow big in full dosages from the start of 3 weeks and no issues.

    that twisting leaf you see has always been like that. besides that leaf the rest of the plant looks normal not sure if that is due to mutation or stress back then.

    im new though so don't take my word for granted. posting your set up and all that will help others better assest the issue
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  6. Just topsoil with perlite no nutrients whatsoever for the moment I have a Green Planet nutrient kit on hand but just transplanted yesterday so am holding off using them until mid week

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  7. if no nutrients then my guess is 1. needs some nutrients 2. your medium is poor quality. never grew in topsoil before and i myself am new as well. the only issue i can really theorize is that if it was a lighting issue plant would look more messed up imo so i think thats not the case unless you bought the plant then started to grow it yourself. and if it was a soil issue why so long in the stage to see signs.

    with my ocean forest mix they recommend feeding after 3-4 weeks because the soil should contain everything the plant needs up until then and so i did and it doesn't really show any negative affects from feeding full dosages.

    thats why i think i needs nutrients. i read tips like that means nutrients toxicity or something but you said you didn't fertilize so im wondering if it could be lack of nutrients in general. i mean besides the tips plant looks healthy imo. i would probably feed tbh if your feeling risky half dosage at start then see what happens.
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  8. I have a
    I thought same only thing is I gave a good watering after transplant so now will wait 3 days or until soil is ready for next water containing nutes
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  9. yea i just transplanted mine a few days ago having moisture issues in a plastic pot it was doing fine after the first 2 days and i look at it this morning and it just looks the same. not sure wth it's doing it's growing but idk
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  10. If anything it looks like nute burn or you've been spraying it and the leaf tips stay wet causing the tips to go brown.

    I'd hold off on applying nutes right away until the pot is fairly dry to the bottom and you can see how the new growth is looking once more leaves have grown out.

    Good luck!

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  11. ? lol
  12. I was spraying the leafs every day that would make sense thank you
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  13. That could explain it then. Bad practice to be spraying plants even as seedlings. They don't need to be sprayed unless you're fighting bugs or trying to fix a stubborn deficiency.

    You can see that in crowded gardens if one leaf gets trapped under another. The moisture given off from the stomata on the top leaf gets trapped between the two and the bottom leaf develops a necrotic brown spot.
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