Off to court fellow blades...

Discussion in 'General' started by RyRyToughGuy, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Court in 4 hours for possession. Simply because I was aware if its presence in the vehicle. Balls. Oh well. First offense so I'm not all that concerned. I would prefer if it hadn't happened at all. Time to be more careful
  2. You were aware of its presence? I thought that due to the high-stress situation presented by the arrival of the police officers, you felt compelled to admit guilt, even though you were oblivious that there was weed in the car, and you're ashamed to have been in that person's presence.

  3. have fun!
  4. "your honor" words of wisdom partner, dont forget to use em'
  5. What kind of questions should I be expecting to be asked? I've been told I'm pretty much just going to be told what my charges are, and then asked how I plea...
  6. your lawyer or public defender will be asked the questions and your opinion or story is optional. but brother, ultimate respect to a judge is using your honor, appearance is huge. dress up, shave ur grill and use proper words, youll be aiiiight! whats your charges? any priors?
  7. This is my first offense. Never ran into trouble with the law before this.
  8. o shit, your good bro. if anything this charge will be plea bargained down to virtually nothing. slap on the wrist. act right tho, cant stress it enough. it tells the judge that ur intelligent and chances are the court date has gotten through to your head and you wont do it again

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