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Off to college, what to smoke with

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Baysick, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I've never bought a piece, I've only ever smoked someone elses piece, papers, or homemade pieces lol.
    Next year i'll be going to the University of Arizona and will be staying in a single room either by myself or with friends who smoke and am wondering what I wanna buy to use to smoke in my room without being caught.

    Was looking to spend around 100 bucks

    Found this EZ Pipe - All-In-One Pipe - Black and Silver - Gifts - and was very interested, anyone out there have one and can comment on how theyre liking it? Also what other pieces should I look into for dorm smoking, have vaped before and personally don't like it >.< was thinking a bong or something
  2. umm, change your age.... and def buy a bong not that shit
  3. If it's a dorm smoking it it might not be the best idea. I've heard lots of people who said it is easy but the risk is so high. A lot of people get vaporizers for that.

    Also, if the hitting surfaces were all metal that would be a pretty dope little piece.
  4. Yeah, gonna have to scout out the area when I move in to see what's going on around campus at what times and stuff, havent even been to Tucson yet to check it out but hopefully there might be some safe place to chill
    And yeah, it'd be amazing if the whole thing was metal but it's just the top part lol, still seems like a cool piece to have

    Thats a pic of the room i'll be staying in... was kinda thinking i could close myself in the bathroom and just bump some music and chill.... not sure if the bathroom has a vent or anything, i'm guessing it would
  5. Man get a one hitter and dugout then you can just walk around campus smoking "cigarettes" lol

  6. Haha I'll look into it, still want something for chillin in the room tho :p
  7. Sometimes with vents it can leak into higher floors. I'd say gauge it, try to meet fellow stoners in the dorm and see what they say.

  8. Was thinking that too, i'll have to do some research :p
  9. Vaporizer & Ozium.
  10. Vaporizers most definitely.
  11. Get a bong and use a fan to suck the smoke out the window. It always worked for me.
  12. Either get a vaporizer, or make a "spoof". What you do is take three or so dryer sheets and stuff them inside an empty toilet paper roll and then put one at the end blocking the hole with an elastic. Then, you blow your smoke through and it smells like laundry :D. Also, if you create a seal over the fire alarm [ie, with a tupperware container] the smoke won't penetrate it and you won't get caught.

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