Off To College Soon. Hiding A Vape?

Discussion in 'General' started by svtpm, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Hey gc, I just want to see if anyone has some advice on hiding a vape (a magic flight launch box to be specific) in college. While the mflb is really small, the case is not. So where would a good place be to hide the case from a roommate and (possibly) RA's?
    I was thinking keeping the case in my bag at all times (under some shit), or would that not work? Maybe at the bottom of my underwear drawer?
    Anyone got any suggestions or stories, and does anyone know if RA's could ever randomly search your room without a notification?

  2. I would probably just hide in my bag if i were u. When I was a freshman, I had a roommate that wasn't down with smoking weed and I hid my stuff in my bottom dresser drawer haha.
  3. How'd that go?
    I would hide it in the bottom dresser (where I would keep my clean underwear) because my roommate wouldn't go through that, and if an RA would search my room they wouldn't go through that either (or would they?).
  4. Inside a broken remote or video game controller

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    he's asking where to hide a vaporizer not a tiny sack of bud...
    I would go with putting it in the bottom of a drawer
  6. I always had a lockbox in college. RAs can't make you open it. Just be smart when you party. Loud noise and smell will get you busted. Mostly the noise. I would know. I used to be an RA.
  7. trust me from experience RAs go through your drawer first! buy a small safe and put it in there then slip that in a bag or something and if they were to try and search that throw the bag on your back and they cant search it without your consent. I got busted at school for smoking and i had a locked safe that i told them they didn't have my consent to search (which had everything in it) and i had a roach, papers and more bud in my pockets and I told them they didn't have my consent to search me.
  8. They actually go through your drawers? I was under the impression that they can go into your room and check up on it, and see things out in the open. But they couldn't go searching into your personal stuff or checking compartments.
    Can they search your bag if it's not on you? And how does the locked safe work in regards of searching would you say? Why can't they make you open it?
    yeah they looked through all of the drawers and when they saw my safe they asked what was in it and if i could open it so i told them just some personal belongings and yeah once they get a search warrant. and they couldn't make me open it because i did not give them consent. they threatened that they could and will call the police and i just stood my ground i knew they were lying. and they didn't search it. they did search a bag i had laying on the ground though but if its in the locked box they cant open it.
  10. Wow, that's terrible. Do RA's search everyone like that, or were you just sketchy?
  11. idk lol somebody told them that i had it so they walked right in my dorm
  12. Ya my roommate seems to be a straight-edge christian, highly unlikely to be chill with weed lol.

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