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Off the couch...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sensimil, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Hey peeps :) Ive been missing you guys. Ive been cruising the city when I can, but Ive mostly been doped up on painkillers for the last week or so. Its fun to take them when you dont have too..not so fun when you *really* need them. unfortunately (I dont think anyone noticed gravy made a comment in the football thread, about me being on the couch lol) I dislocated my knee yet again. damn active lifestyle. so ive been taking it easy..Im more upset over it than anything. apparently my kneecaps arent on the right "track". very depressing for someone who lives, eats, breathes, being physically active..

    anyway I got some catching up to do..I see Ive been paged to that football thread, ah yes, football season is coming upon us. and the only thing my team has now is the best stadium in the US. go philly! woo! *sigh*

    I must say Ive been slightly turned off by some of the posts lately..I dunno what happened while I was on the couch but Ive noticed the bickering of the post count and just general bickering..:rolleyes: just had to make a note of that..not a very pleasent thing to read so much of..

    and I do have complete confidence in the EAGLES. who cares that they traded away 75% of their lineup from last season! blaaaaaaah! E-A-G-L-E-S! (yeah those are words of a die hard fan :p)

    anyway good to be off the couch and back posting in the city..I think im up for it. unless it rains lol :p
  2. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to make it up and about...I missed gravy's post because I never looked in the football thread (I'm not a big football fan)

    But I hope you start feeling even better soon!

    (PS My boyfriend will be cheering for the Eagles right with you :D)
  3. welcommeee...back...things haven't just been the same quirkey way they were with out ya here.....

    hey an to think... if ya out last the pain an save some of thos lil'll be happy in the future...

    an score for me... i was mentioned a few times in here...woohoo free publicity...:D

  4. That sucks. I used to dislocate my knee all the time just by turning the wrong way. The worst was when it happened in English class and I had to Kick my leg straight really fast to fix it. i freaked out some people that day.
  5. Damn, Sensi...I know your knee hurts. Both of my knee's have been dislocated and I never had anything done about it so now they pop out of socket more often than I like. I found these cool patella stabilizers that really help. I'm active too so I have to be able to count on not dealing with them slipping out.

    A few nights ago, one popped out and it took many hours before it went back to where it belonged. The pain is unreal and you can forget about ain't happening.

    I'm glad you're back with us. I promise to cut down on the bickering. Wait...I don't fucking bicker with anyone! Although, I was a bit harsh in a Digital thread today! ;)

    Oh yeah, it's rained almost every day for a week here. Nice days then thunderstorms later in the day and early evening. It sucks.
  6. football, w00t.

    philly is good, but im rootin for the Steelers ;)

    still more of a hockey fan myself
  7. good luck sensi! Hate to hear about that. But Yeah GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!
  8. Damn Sensi hope you feel better, pop a couple pills and drop a few shots of vodka, you should be ok. And when the pain comes back, drop a few more shots and a few more pills.

    And the Packers are goin all the fucking way this time!
  9. i feel yer pain sensi. i'm back on the painkillas from time to time right now too.

    sorry if i been bickering. i get a little petty & grumpy when i have to deal with medical problems full on. doesnt help when yer gurl is half way around the globe and a £1300 plane ticket away. and i got to deal with the DHS and they're~

    ok ok ok .. i'lll stop.... that could turn out to be one mammoth whinging rant.

    it sux when yer knees dont work perfect. i've never had mine pop out but i know what its like to have them be hella painfull and not be able to walk at all.
    and i understand your pain about having your activeness stripped away from you. i used to cry about not being able to play basketball anymore. still really upsets me, i dont think i ever will again.
    hope you got plenty ganjalamas to help you out and bolster the pain killas. get a li'l chicka around too to "take care of ya" ;) ... i'm sure you'll soon forget about yer troubles.

    lucky ya dont need to be all super active to hop about on the city.


    that anything to do with me rumjil? damn me and my confusing name.
    hadnt realised if it was....
    *:::eek:pens arms for a making up hug just in case:::*

    i almost forgot...


    use this relative down time and get postin like mad. i dont wanna over take you. it was upsetting enough to see myself go tearing past sid and bpp and the others. i almost tore me in half when i saw nubbin knocked of the top ten.

    seriously wuman! i really dont wanna hit 4k before ya.
  10. wow least you are on the mend, right? gotta look for some light in shit like this.
    know what it's like to be totally in love with being a physical person, the world is an active person's oyster, ya know. i got weak ankles, so it makes hiking and exploring and playing sports kinda not smart...but who cares, life is for living.

    feel better champ ;). smoke the ganj, have a beer, and welcome back :).

    digit, why, why why dont I listen to you? is this an sign???

    cntl c
    cntl v

    let me supress my anger.
    let me crack another.

    oh me.
    oh my.
    say it with me.

    what the heck is bothering me?


    WHAT the HECK is bothering me.

  12. deep breaths.....

    several shots....

    then... calm down..
    come re type...
  13. ;) thanks buddy.
    working on it..

  14. blah obviosly not not chiccccc....

    its k... though... i woulda just yelled at my computer left a curse and bounced on the thread anyway....:)

  15. lol I couldnt find that happy medium between happily buzzed and totally fucking smashed.

    maybe today...
  16. ive never dislocated a knee, but my doctor says i have these little bumps on the inside of my kneecap, and if i walk, run, stand up, sit down or really anything with my knee, my tendens sometimes catch and it hurts like a muther fucker, takes me like a minute to get back up after falling, and my doc says not to do any leg excercises on my right leg because my muscles will get bigger, making the chance of catching more... i was like fuck off, im too busy not to be on it and excersice it, like sensimil said, my life style is too active, cant be slowed down, especialy with paintball, its my passion....well i should say second passion... hehe, but its not worth it, i think i might have surgery on it, but i HATE sharp or pointy things goin in my if im not doing it.. i dunno....i need a bowl, im getting all worked up

  17. eck..

    knee problems are the worst for anyone does have an active lifestyle. and even to those who arent as active. I found that what my problem is does run in the family, not immediate, but my inactive uncle had the same problem..
    what my orthopedic wants to do is break that bone at the top of the knee, bottom of the kneecap, and relocate it so the knee caps have that right "track" to slide on and use pins to keep it in place. Im thinking about the proceedure, for the longrun, especially if I wont have this pain ive endured already. I know the risk of any surgery and this is a major one..Im not going to be making any decisions any time soon. But that would be the permanent solution to the problem.
    the other would be to cut a tendion, Its called a release, to allow the kneecaps to slide more straight than how mine do, off to the side. doing this though doesnt ensure that I wont have any more dislocations. its all too scary and not sure what to do about anything.

    anyway, thanks for all the thoughts...I do appreciate it. help me keep my chin up :)

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