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  1. Although I am all for alternative fuel such as, biodiesel, hybrids, all that good stuff; i was wondering what you all thought about off shore drilling. I seems that people are against it, but what you may not know is that we are signing "contracts" to let other countries like China to do the drilling off our fucking shores. And honestly, gas is so fucking expensive, it cost me $70 dollars to fully fill up my gas tank on E. Im 18 so im not making 50-100 grand a year to not give a shit about the gas prices. This is my biggest issue right now because of how greatly it directly effects me. "Experts" say that in a couple year range gas would drop to $1.50 a gallon, and eventually dop to around $.20-.50 cents a gallon. this sound...WONDERFUL for me, but by the time the prices would drop we could probably start using Hemp for fuel like Henry Ford intended, as did the Desiel Dude, ill post a video of the hemp mobile, pretty snazzy and id pay a pretty penny for one, Biofuels are nothing new by the way this is from 1941, DuPont is a cunt hair

  2. youre young, so ill forgive you for not realizing this,

    but you gotta wake up man, biofuel is ruining our economy.

    (there are no hempfueled vehicles in mass production, so thats irrelevant.)

  3. Actually, 90% of the cars on the road are "Flex-fuel" cars... which means they can run on e85 ethanol. The only plant with enough biomass to provide the ethanol we need is hemp.

    Our economy would boom if hemp was legalized; not only because we'd have an infinitely renewable energy source, but also due to the money we could save on textiles, plastics, and food costs if we utilized mankind's greatest resource. These are the real reasons behind cannabis prohibition. It sounds like dankdude420 knows what he's talking about... and has read "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" which is a must read for all Americans, not just stoners.

    As far as of shore drilling goes, I don't care where they drill... just make my gas cheaper. They should drill in the 80 million acres already designated by the government for drilling instead of the OCS which gets environmentalists' panties in a bunch. This whole issue is "party politics" at it's finest (read most disgusting.) Drilling isn't going to help gas prices... what would help is eliminating federal taxes on gasoline (which Congress can control.) 60 cents of every dollar we put in our tanks goes to the Government... and if these oil giants weren't products of government sponsored monopoly, gas would be 8 cents a gallon like in Venezuela.
  4. Bio-fuel is not effiecient at all, there is not enough acre of farm land in the US to fill our need, scoob is right.
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    Sources? BIO-FUELS.htm

    Seems there are a lot of people in on this "Hemp Conspiracy." Only they don't seem to mention the NWO... :confused:

    How much is Exxon paying you two? ;)
  6. they're going to be paying all of us soon enough.. because they are evil and make "windfall profits"
    i can't wait to get my exxon/mobil windfall welfare check! :rolleyes:
  7. Offshore Drilling will not help ease your pump pain. We wouldn't see a drop of oil for 10 years minimum, and when we would, it would account for less than a percent of current world reserves. AKA not going to move the needle on the supply curve at all.
  8. if the 10 year thing is the case, then shouldn't we drill now so we have some oil in 10 years? Or do you think we wont be needing any oil at all in ten years?

    also, when you say less than a % of current world reserves.. are you talking about just off shore, or does this take ANWR & rocky mountain shale into consideration?
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    Just offshore. ANWR would represent a 3-4% boost. But even that is not significant since world demand is up between 25-40% and growing faster everyday with India and especially the Middle East consuming more and more of its own oil.

    Also, adjusted for inflation, the price at the pump isn't historically too high.

    A LOT of things go into the price of Oil, especially geo-political factors. For example, if Iran was to be attacked, projections have oil at $250 a barrel or more, and 10-12$ a gallon gas.

    The best theory right now, and only solution is to get off of oil and make the transition to clean fuels, something that will be fully possible within a decade.

    Rocky Mountain shale is irrelavent. Yes, there is more oil in our our Rocky Mountains than there is in Saudi Arabia. But it's also un-extractable. And there is no technology in the works now that would help.
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    you guys are totally unknowing, they are already drilling off of tampa, and other places around FL where it is "agianst the law" to drill for oil. They are still in the preliminary area but it can be a year before they start to drill. My father been working in the oil field for years now and knows all about it. He actually lives in FL and want to sign on with the companies drilling here.

    where does it talk about effiecency, if we were to only farm hemp for oil in all our farmland today we would not meet our need for oil now.
  11. only?


    still doesnt change the fact that the ethanol industry is ruining our fucking economy.

    and we can talk about sunshine farts and rainbow colored turds all we want,

    hemp isnt going to be legalized anytime soon so lets focus on real life, mmkay?

  12. Or maybe even mention the role it has in our Presidential process considering Iowa is the first major benchmark and can make or break campaigns.
  13. It may be ruining our economy, but it isn't going to be changing ANYTIME soon. No reason we shouldn't be taking advantage of our resources. We will certainty be needing oil in ten years, and probably hundreds of years later. Transportation isn't the only use of oil.
  14. i was talking about ethanol, not oil.

    oil is fucking us in the ass every godamn day,

    do we really need the extra economy-ruining aspects of the ethanol industry?
  15. If we were to farm nothing but hemp for fuel, we would not fill our needs, it is as clear as that. The plant is not effiecient enough per acre to offer a good alternative to oil, nothing is but petroluem that comes from the ground.
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    "Oh, why do I bother?"- Marvin the paranoid android

    But scooby does have a point. We are discussing "sunshine farts." But the whole off-shore drilling issue is "rainbow colored turds." "They" just pretend like there's a shortage to make nations compete so they can jack up prices.
  17. To the people who are saying hemp wouldnt fulfill our needs for transportation; the plant grows pretty fast, you can grow it year around, and it can grow in almost ANY enviroment. I'm sure there is plenty of empty fucking land to farm it on, also you can farm it on the corn fields when corn isnt in season.

    What discourages me, is that our politics are making such a BFD about off shore drilling, like it will immediatly effect us within like a year range. Yes I am young so i probably don't see the big picture yet, but honestly if OSD wont effect us immediatley than why is there such a big fuss about it...We need the oil lets split our differences and just agree to drill; then we can move onto the bigger legalized marijuana!

    But one thing i do have a good understanding about is how hemp/marijuana because i wrote a research paper about the benefits of marijuana and hemp, i called it "Presenting the Positive" I'll try to get a digital copy of it from my english teacher to post it up but it wont be for a couple of weeks
  18. I hear you can get good rope too, from hemp, is this true?

  19. Yes. Very good rope.
  20. actually this is the reason why it was re legalized and the government paid to advertis for farmers to grow during WWII, "Hemp for Victory". Without hemp paratroopers wouldnt of had shoe laces, strings to their parachuets, and each navy ship needed 32000ft of rope.

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