Off Grid Generator/Solar Question!

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  1. currently trying to design a greenhouse, but with all things being considered, its basically an indoor grow. I'm trying to design my supplemental lighting, ventilation/circulation, irrigation, etc.

    there are so many variables in how i could set it up, that trying to figure out even an approx power draw is boggling my damn mind. but one safe bet is that I cant afford a solar system that large enough.

    but maybe there is some sort of hybrid? I'm thinking there must be a way that i can install a small/cheap solar system that provides just enough power to some sort of timer and a thermostat so that they could auto kick on the generator for the heavy lifting. anybody know how this can be done?
  2. as you say theirs to many variables

    Location, Frost, Temp etc etc

    and obviously 'when to actually grow'

    many greenhouse guys don't actually grow in winter

    many use gas to heat the interior leading to mold issues if not controlled

    then theirs the cost per gram over cost of gas for the generator ...?

    to much hassle for many
  3. at that point your better off just putting all that money towards an indoor grow unless thats not physically possible
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