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Off color buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Zedstomper, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So about a year ago picked up some bud and it was small fluffly completly blue nugs. I was somewhat a newbie and was in awe but i mean completly blue and frosty.

    Then next pick up was super yellow big buds.

    Anyone else seen completly off tge spectrum nugs?
  2. Blue and yellow are not off the spectrum. They are completely within the visible colour spectrum of the human eye. just saying
  3. He meant spectrum of normal colors on weed lol.
  4. Pics please?
  5. He said a YEAR ago..

    But ive never seen blue weed I have had purple though.
  6. Purple is common, purple kush and blueberry being good examples. Maybe it was just a really frosty purple kush? Could the yellow be due to nutes?
  7. I'm pretty sure it's like with any other plant. Like roses. Some are red, some are white, etc etc. It's just how there is.

    Once again. Bud like that would make me oh cum so hard! It's just beautiful and i bet it smells delicious too.
  8. Certain strains also have a yellow hue, acapulco gold being a good example.
  9. #10 Zedstomper, Jan 10, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 10, 2013
    Feel free to post your funny colored buds

    And ive had blue dream which had bluberry crossed in it (yumyum?) smelt like blueberry doughnuts and was lime green

  10. You're a complete fool to think those nugs are photoshopped...

  11. Lol.

    Ok bro. Look up purple weed. Even the purplest of purps comes nowhere near that level of blue.

    Not to mention I am a professional graphic artist and use photoshop 40hrs every week.

    Find another picture of cannabis that color and post it here.

  12. Hahaha "ok bro". I could find hundreds and hundreds of pics like that. Also, your job doesn't mean shit. Don't try to tell me "I can tell it's shopped". That would make you look like more of a fool than you already do. I feel bad how misinformed you are.

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  13. Yeah, those pictures you posted look NOTHING like the one you claim is real. You posted pictures of real purps . . . show me weed that is blue.

    Why are you so positive that the pic is real?

    Also, why are you getting so defensive and aggravated, resorting to name-calling?
  14. Oh whats that, you wanna see more? Ok, no problem.

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  15. #17 â’¸anadianBuds, Jan 10, 2013
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    Because I grow weed, and know people who have grown weed that is purple AND blue. Smh and misinformed kids.

    Also, that weed is purple, it's the flash from the camera making it look slightly blueish.

    Edit; I am simply calling you a fool for posting something, without even knowing facts. As well, i'm sick of people saying "Oh that can't be real, that's photoshopped" when they don't know jack.

  16. Ok sorry, I will from now on, bow down to your amazing and unsurpassed weed knowledge. You sound like you need to smoke a bit more and chill out lol.

  17. Also, none of those look anything like the original picture. Still waiting for a picture that is similar.

  18. Did you even read my last post? It's the flash making it look blue, not purple.
    You can't tell me these don't look almost identical. And yes, I could reaaally use a blaze. I'm sorry for offending you, but please, do a little research next time.

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