Off brand bubble bags

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  1. Wondering whos bought and used some of the off brand bubble bags.
    Looking at getting a set but I dont want to waste money on crap, or over branded stuff.
  2. I picked up a 5 gallon, 5 bag set from ebay a few years ago for about 50 bucks and they are still working just fine. They are actually put together quite well. I think the seller is called "bubblebag dude" or something like that. I also have one of his mixing machines now and it is awesome. I have had the original Bubble Bags (3-bag) in the past and really see no point in spending hundreds more for them.
  3. that was exactly what I was looking at.
  4. Is it fairly easy to find micron mesh? Will a fabric store or home depot have the different micron sized cloth???
  5. Not that i doubt the quality and i've never seen them in person, but i know Bubblebags themselves are made in Nepal, and the Bubblenow machines are exactly like the mine series of washing machines from China. But i still think the guy is doing a nice job by providing to people who either don't have the materials at hand or the time to make their own.

    You can find the screens at any printing store (screen printers are used by people who make billboards and do custom t-shirt prints).

    Make sure the screens are mono-filament (and not multi-filament, they tend to be delicate), and nylon is the material to look for (printers hardly use them any more, since they are now considered old school, but they make the toughest screens. Wire mesh screen also used by some printers may seem tougher, but the wire used is quite flexible and overtime the pore size in them may become larger due to the pressure exerted on the screen by the water).

    The screens may not have the pore size printed on it, but it will have LPI (lines per inch), or it might even have the thread diameter size in microns, but that's not what you are after (though mono filament screens usually only have LPI and sometimes followed by a numerical that indincates if the thread in a thin, medium, or a think diameter one, which itself can be looked by the manufactures chart to indicate the thickness). You need the pore size, and if you do a search, you might find some links with a chart to convert LPI to pore size in microns. look up the chart to find the matching LPI conversion for the pore sizes you are looking for. They might not be exact to the dot as in exactly 25 microns, but i think anywhere between a 20 to 30 microns screen used in its place wouldn't matter much.
  6. yeah i dont remeber the seller but i purchased a set of bags about 6months ago and so far there runnin strong.seem to be put togather complaints on my end if anyone was to ask me i would deffinently recommend them. stay high yall :smoke:
  7. I ordered a set and 2 bags leaked.

  8. were you able to return them ok?
  9. Has anyone ever used any of these Blackwater Hydro bags?

    Bubble bag.jpg


    They look pretty cool!


  10. I got myself a bday present!
    I got the machine (5 gal) and the 5 bag set for 220$ on ebay from the bubble bag dude.
    Cant freaking wait!
  11. Hey
    I bought a set of Trichome Bags of ebay, they are still working like a charm. 3 Years old now :)
  12. +1 for bubblebagdude. Good bags. I've only had them a few months, but I went through about 5 different pulls so far and they seem put together well.
  13. Well I got my stuff in and gave it a go.

    Ran about 5oz of a genetic missfit through the washer, pulled about 18g out combined :hello:

    Only thing is I got almost nothing out of the 120micron bag and Im wondering if it has a hole in it. Other then that everything works great.
  14. I've got a set of "Sprung Bags"... they are great and are 70 bucks for a 5 gallon 5 bag set.

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