Of what Ethnicity are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Ok, I found the Official Nationality thread, but whoever made it seems confused between the terms nationality and ethnicity.

    Nationality is what nation you live in. Ethnicity is basically what race you are (were your ancestors from Russia, Germany, Africa, Japan, Taiwan, etc. etc. countries)

    Anyways, there'd be too many choices on the polls for me to post a poll, so just put it in a reply.

    I am a half irish, half japanese roman catholic raised (very loose) male, 22 yrs. That was very specific but I doubt that anyone is monitoring the forums for something like this.:D
  2. white, catholic raised(dont follow it) and family is from germany
  3. White, german, uuum...agnostic. Lol :confused:
  4. white, 70% irish, 20% italian, 5% german, 5% greek or something like that
  5. pretty much everything under the sun: german, irish, swedish, russian, cherokee indian, english, and some more that are very small amnts but arent worth listing
  6. 1/2 German 1/2 Irish:hello::bongin::metal::yay::hippie::cool::D:laughing:
  7. 50% Irish/50$ Czech/100% Awesome (hah, all conceited)
  8. 50% Native Austrailian, 50% Egyptian
  9. 100% Italian right here!
  10. white, 50% German, 25% Armenian, 25% Swedish, 100% marijuana smoker:smoking:
  11. white, part Irish, French Canadien, Italian, and Scottish
  12. cuban and no my family didnt come on a raft they flew
  13. italian no belief system
  14. I am from the land of Caucasia.
  15. black as white can be
  16. what do we want, white power, when do we want it, now

    haha nah i'm jus playin but yea i'm white, more specifically 50% irish 50% mut

    i think theres some german in there

    edit: as far as religion, i'm a satanist, i dont worship the devil or nothin but i follow the moral rules of satanism, which arent very moral haha
  17. 100% Irish (all 4 grandparents), raised Catholic lite :smoke:
  18. 100% bosnian. people say i look mexican/cuban because i can speak some spanish and i have dark hair and eyes.
  19. american, swedish, slovokian, turkish
  20. 25% Iridonian, 25% Twil'lek, 25% Human and the rest is Mandalorian.

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