Of Mice and Men, I NEED HELP!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 14, 2006.

  1. Lmao, i have an essay due on monday for grade 12 english, i need to have a comparitive essay between Of Mice and Men the novel by John Steinbeck, and the movie Of Mice and Men by directer Gary Sinise..

    If any has done this, or can help..it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. When I was a Senior I had to compare Of Mice and Men to The Great Gatsby. Weird..

    That's be nuts if I still have it saved on my computer... I'll take a look.

    edit: Fuck nevermind, I miss understood your question. I do that all the time.
    But I do also remember comparing the movie with the book, exactly what you're talking about. Not very hard if you have indeed read the book and have seen the movie...
  3. that was freshman year for me. 9 years ago, so i don't remember. good luck though.
  4. I read the novel and watched the movie, enjoyed them both..was pretty funny being baked haha...im just no good at working with words and shit..
  5. not much of a difference, Sinise stuck with the book line for line for the most part.

    i had a roommate in college that we called Lenny. he was a tall dumb motherfucker that usually broke anything that he touched.
  6. Holy shit, I read that book 7 years ago for school. Now that I think about it, a lot of books I read for HS had a common theme: Unnecessary punishment. Of Mice and Men, 12 Angry Men, plus I can think of a few more books about people who get wrongfully accused that I had to read in HS (To Kill a Mockingbird, maybe?). Now this is starting to bug me because I just now realized how related all those fucking books I read in HS were. Holy shit!
  7. the great gatsby well actually if i remember correctly, that was someone taking a fall for someone else. i wouldn't know, i don't read.
  8. I read those in 10th for AP english...Never watched the movie though for Of mice and men. Search on google for those essay sites=D.
  9. I did that in the sixth grade. I can only remember how the movie was tho, cuz I saw that after i read the book, and it was a while ago.
  10. they aren't very different

    I used to call this girl lenny because she was damn near retarded
  11. Damn dude, I read that book junior year. You musta been pretty fuckin smart
  12. Yay, lol i did it last night, i was all baked and bored, thanks for the help anyways dudes/

  13. I was in a private school, my english teacher was the shit.
  14. I read that book sophmore year in highschool, rent the movie again and look for the differences, then you know what is different so everything else is able to be compared.
  15. i had to read of mice and men my sopohmore year i hated that fucken book

    we watched the movie 2 and it was very very gay the onlt difference in the movie and
    book that i remmeber are their diff names and actors i think

    if anyone can correct me please do so
  16. I do belive there was 2 different movies, the one by Gary Sinise (CSI:NY) is the one i watched in class, the names are the same..just the acting is pretty shitty ha, but i was baked laughin at Lenny haha

  17. :hello:
  18. Dude when i was a sophmore, i wrote the same paper, too bad that was like 4 years ago and the computer I did it on is long gone. Its really not a tough paper to write though. just sit down, rip a bong and watch the movie, then write the paper.... you can get a gerneral understanding of the book off the internet, not a difficult paper to write at all. Good luck.
  19. Yeah, when I went to HS I wouldve loved to have things like that to write. HS was full of bullshit.

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