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of edibles where you live

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Neegabutt, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I'm in a southeastern state and have seen decently potent brownies or lollipops going for as much as $15 dollars. Some other brownies for $10 as well as some canna caps at $10.

    How much do y'all pay for edibles? I'm not in a medical state btw

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  2. Dealers never have edibles around here and I dont have a card yet but I have seen people sell homemade brownies for 5-10 each, though they're usually weak and not made well
  3. brownies and lolipos here are $5. for the ones with a 1/8th in em. never hit me tho. not worth. it only edible that hit me are the ones i make nd those have reclaim in em
  4. Damn! Well I guess they weren't made correctly or possibly you have digestive issues.

    But still, that means they're paying $1.43 per gram of weed! That's not even including production costs and overhead. Haha do you mind me asking where you're from?

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  5. Thanks for the input Chris. So there's still a black edible market even though you're in a medical state? That's interesting

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  6. i can buy cakes for around £5, my friend just set up a baking business 
  7. Any idea how much weed per cake your getting?
  8. she does 0.3g and 0.5g cakes, the 0.5g ones are £7
  9. I make my own so whatever supplies cost.  Just got 10 oz of once run for $50.  Should be able to make a ton.:D
  10. Usually 5-10 per cookie/brownie, etc and aren't usually very good. However, I recently met a grower who makes and sells various treats (rice crispy, coca puffs, anything you request really) at a dozen for $25, and they are potent as hell. Fucking love this guy

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  11. live in a shitty state/have no edible hook up.
  12. Yea there are still no dispensaries here, and its not easy to get a card

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  13. I never fuck with edibles. Don't see the point half the fun is the smokin part

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  14. I like to put 112 grams into 28 brownies. I don't sell them but If I were going to they'd have to be at least $20 being the fact there is more than an eighth per brownie.

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