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  1. Does the number of blades on the fan leaves tell anything other than the strain of the plant? Health, ect. I have some now with 9 blades, and 20170621_125826.jpg some with 7...
  2. Those are normal amounts of blades. Anything below five blades is out of the ordinary. I think some sativas have as many as eleven.

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  3. It just means the plant hasn't been bothered. If you top it, or LST train it you'll notice that the leaf spade count decreases to 5blades. If it drops below 5 you're doing something horribly wrong. I wonder if this has any effect on potency. For example flowering your plant when it has 5blades, as opposed to 7, 9 and 11.
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    My plants were still growing 5spade leaves after 80days cuz I didnt stop training it. I left it alone for a week and I can see some 7blades coming up now.
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  5. Blades above 5 are normal. Blade under 5 usually mean it was in early in veg, gone into flower then back into veg or sometime some strains will show 3 blades when I first flowers. The only thing you can tell from the blades is if the plant has indica or sativa traits by looking at the length and widened of the blades. As far as strain unless you are familiar with the strain you most likely will never know what it is.

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  6. Out of all the strains the easiest to identify are, sour d, bubba, og, and blue dream but even then u won't know until u have the dried nugget in front of you. Their look n smell are pretty much unmistakable assuming u get real cut/seed
  7. No lie. Once saw a pink kush with 15 finger leaves. And a tiny bud growing where the stem of the leaf meets the fingers of the leaves

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