Of all the genres of music ending with "core" what is the best and worst, IYO?

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  1. best: hardcore.
    worst: crunkcore. why does it even exist.
  2. best: hardcore
    worst: deathcore. damn my friend used to be all in to this shit for about a year in highschool. the only good that comes from it are the breakdowns. But other genres have those as well.

    Idk I'm not much of a metal fan so don't count me.
  3. best = breakcore (electronic, not metalz)
    alot of breakcore such as venetian snares or igorrr blows my mind, crazy shit

    worst = i dunno, easycore? crabcore?
  4. nerdcore (hiphop)

    worst: emocore? I stray so far away from -core's I don't know.
  5. the best is grindcore/hardcore(go bane)
    the worst is deathcore - fake generic power chord open string short haired tough guys
  6. Out of all the bands that have EVER made me have an appreciation for music it was Elysia.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pE6uKFwWy0]YouTube - Elysia - Triumph[/ame]

    The worst would have to be Crunkcore I agree.
  7. The best would definitely be hardcore, it helped create extreme metal.

    The worst would be crunkcore, though deathcore is a close second.
  8. Truth be told, besides hardcore and grindcore, scenes that are older than I am, its all pretty retarded, and comes off as completely ingenuine.
  9. All of em suck imo
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    mathcore ftw
    crunkcore ftl

    Also, fuck the haters theyres a lot of epic -core bands out there, just because 80% of metalcore and deathcore suck ass doesn't mean every band sucks. real emocore and screamo and shit is fucking awesome.
  11. Hardcore house = the best

    everything else ending with -core sucks.
  12. Grindcore is the worst. I don't know about the best.
  13. i fucking love grindcore.

    pig destroyer are fucking intense
    also gaza
  14. Prowler in the Yard is classic! I was fortunate enough to see Pig Destroyer in a small ass bar years back here on Long Island, with Premonitions of War and some local death metal bands so it was a really interesting mix of punk and crust punk type kids, long haireds and the fashion kids that would rock Premonitions of War, and it was fun as fuck. Circle pitting in a joint not too much bigger than my living room, with 2 steel beams right smack dab in the middle of the floor, it was a trip.

    But if you really wanna talk about fun, I saw Blood for Blood at the same bar a few months prior, I think it was May 2003. It was total chaos. :metal:
  15. I love Hardcore and Crust Punk type stuff. The worst is Metalcore and Deathcore.

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