Odyssey Glass hookah

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    Was wondering if anyone had any info on this piece. Very beautiful. I know the background on the compnay but have failed to see anything like this. In great shape.
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  5. put it together and give us a "full body" shot
  6. I do not have the rubber pieces or the smoking bowl insert.
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  7. thats badass and yer a homie fer showin us all proper like this! where you from i work a smoke shop n ill totelly throw you yer parts to get dat bitch up n hittin! if you local enough that i can hit dat bitch too!
  8. How are you doing?
    I just discovered this site.
    I am the owners son , and one of the Glassblowers of Odyssey
    My folks started the company in 1973 till ATF raided us and confiscated all of our stuff in September of '89
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  10. Here is a page from our '77 catalog

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