Odwalla Superfood Fertilizer??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boombata, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Has anyone tried adding some Odwalla concoctions to their soil mix?? I am thinking of trying the green machine superfood one. Has all sorts of minerals & unique components. Any thoughts or comments??
  2. I dont know if those are the same nutes that the mary plant needs though..I dont know, try it and see what happens..be a trail blazer:smoke:
  3. your sh*t is going to decompose all over your soil/hydro system, get buggy and moldy, and kill your plants!

    those juices obviously will rot if left to sit out in a warm, brightly place. don't let that happen in your pristine soil.

    Plus, plants need nitrogen in an inorganic form and all the nitrogen that would come from the juice would be in organic form, so it would already have to be converted by microbia to inorganic nitrogen before your plants would even want any of the nutes from the juice. best thing to do if you want to have fun and add things to your water is add: superthrive (good overall tonic for your plants) and add some kelp-based nitrogen or bat guano based stuff. your plants will LOVE that!
  4. Not gonna help your plants

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