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  1. Hey guys,

    has anyone tried Ona Gel for odor control my plants reek ass and i gotta get some cheap odor control fast. I live in an apartment on the top floor venting into the attic there is an apartment nextdoor to mine and i gotta be careful with odor but i aint got alot of dough any suggestions
  2. You can make a homemade carbon filter.
  3. thanks, I know I was asking if anyone had tried Ona Gel.
  4. I am going to try the ONA Gel has anyone ever tried it if so how well did it work I am going to put quart of the Gel uncovered on the room with a fan blowing wver the top to circulate the Agent. Think this will work ok for my box its 5'10" t X 22" wide X 18.5" deep.
  5. Ok thanks for that to, but idont have 165 bucks thats why i am going to use ONA Gel So.. Can someone who has experience with ONA Gel help me out maybe what is the best way to use it? How well does it work?

    Oh and why would you spend 165 on a ozone generator... when you can build a complete carbon scrubber setup for like half of that?
  6. I used it once. Overpowers the smell of the plants but makes the room smell like the inside of a perfume bottle.

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