odor will be an issue and space is too

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  1. i have a 60"x16"x36" grow box smell hasnt been an issue but with the warm summer air comming im sure it will be. any idea for some sort of extermal filter that can be placed on the outside of box in exhaust duct? or any other thoughts please
  2. Micro Grows - Grasscity.com Forums here you can find a ton of information on small, micro, stealth grows

    Do It Yourself - Grasscity.com Forums with that being said, most small, micro, stealth grows, are budget grows. the do it yourself section will help you with ways of making your own carbon filter

    http://www.forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/569506-diy-carbon-filter-compendium.html This for instance is a list of a bunch of different ways to make your own.

    Research my friend! Fill your brain with knowledge
  3. haha thanx man i been researchin there is so much i was just looking for some experiacned help so i can try n narrow down
  4. you could place another carbon filter on the blowing side of the ducting.
  5. yea well right now i got no odor protection bsides regular odor eliminators im coming up to the last 2-3 weeks of flower now and smell is minimal..im more curious for the next grow i set up bc i will b restructuring and re lighting my growbox....is there a recomended carbonfilter for small grows like this one
  6. not sure about small cf, but you could place a 4 inch fan outside the room, sucking the air out and have it blowing through a 4 inch filter, means you wouldn't be taking up any space in grow room,
  7. good call i was thiknin about it earlier and i will need an intake fan for circulation with more lighting so i will b place filter after my exhaust fan when i redo the ducting
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    There are small ozone generators like the, "Air Ball" that runs on just 12V. The size of a softball, yet powerful enough it would easily handle odors off your box and could be easily concealed or placed near the exhaust from inside the grow box.

    Edit: A little pricey at about $150 though.
  9. i got a few weeks till this grow finishs and i can rip down the box and rebuild but iwill most likely be putting afilter out side the window on the duct(cover buy a deck and in basement)

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