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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pollen for your mothers, May 26, 2009.

  1. so my closet grow is beginning to make the bedroom smell of the freshest green which is so beautiful but the only problem is the conservatives around me I do not think will appreciate it:D So I done some studsying and found a product called ONA. Can anyone vouch for this stuff? I read some topics about ppl makin seti=ups in 5 gallon buckets with fans and what not with the gel and liquid form but I was wonderin if anyone has any experience with the ona mist? It comes in a 6oz aerosol can that can be mounted into one of those battery operated timed dispensers which is perfect for me b/c I don't want anyone knowin whats goin on behind closed doors in the bedroom and I have company come over daily that aren't down with the culture. If anyone can atest to this stuff's power, your help would be greatly apprecitated. I've spent a fair amount on other things for my setup so far and am kinda strapped for cash atm so something simple like this would be great if it's practical
  2. yes ONA is good. I have seen people mix it with water in a bucket put the lid on the bucket and drill medium(1/4") holes around the top of the bucket, works good apperently, I was going to build one but. I dont need it right now, and im budget. GL

    You can get it at baby supply stores. fyi
  3. thanks g-lant. yeah I've seen the same done but in my situation it may be a lil noticeable lol. If it wasn't that was exactly what I was gonna do. Im just wonderin if the mist dispenser will be enought to cover them for now b4 they begin flowering as I'm sure it prolly will not be adaquate for the room once buds start to come in

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