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  1. Guys.. .looking for a little input here...

    I have a small grow tent 5x5x6Tall in a room thats about 10' x 10'. I have a DIY Lasko Fan pushing air through a DIY Cool Tube. Inside the cool tube is one of those small little can fans helping push along the way up through the chimney. Airflow and Everything was cool until my plants started getting a little heavier odor than I wanted so I went ahead and added the DIY Activated charcoal scrubber at the end. This seriuosly cut down on my air flow, and the negative pressure I had inside the tent isn't so negative any more. The smell is not pretty strong outside the tent as well.

    SOOOOO... here's my options.

    1) Build another DIY Fan, and double my air in the tent, which should in theory pull air from the outside of the tent, and keep the smell to a minimum.
    2) Build some sort of carbon scrubber for the outside of the tent... maybe a fan setup with a NOA or scrubber to clean up the air.
    3) Burn the house down

    The setup is way out of town, however, its pretty noticeable once you open the door to the grow room... I just dont want to take any chances..

    any ideas?:smoke:

  2. If someone gets that close won't they find it regardless?

    I would get a more powerful fan.
  3. Yes, you are correct. But its kind of in a back part of the house that nobody goes to (locks on both doors) - However, I'd like to bypass any curiosity when it comes to odor.

    Do you think getting another (or bigger) fan will fix the dillema?

  4. In a word, yes.

    You want a fan that has enough static pressure to push through the filter. Squirrel cage, or other centrifugal designs, Vortex, Soler Palau etc. What size fan do you have, ducting, hoods? 4" 6" ?
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  6. Well i don't use that blower, you can check in with mechanibus about it, I think that was his design. I might have to build me one of these so i have some first hand experience.

    BUT i can't imagine anything will change. Get a 6" Vortex or a Soler Palau TD-150. Either of those fans should solve your problem. You should be able to keep the stanley on hoods (if its pass through air) and then put scrubber on a 6" fan and go from there. Think about what would work for your room.
  7. Thanks Bohbo!
    Just to clarify, if I get an additional fan... how does the pass through work? should I just run both the Hot light air, and the new fan (both with scrubbers) out the chimney?
  8. Are you using computer fans? If you are, go down to your local thrift store / zellers / walmart and buy the cheapest hairdryer you can find. Take it apart, take out the heating element. We just want the fan. Use that instead, make a duct adpater with duct tape to connect it to your ducting.

    The problem is pressure. The answer is not a more powerful fan. The answer is a different fan design.

  9. By pass through i mean pull air from outside room, passes through sealed hoods, and out of room.

    Personally i would just shoot stinky air up the chimney unless it smells around the house.

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