Odor problem I cant fix nothing works Please help

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  1. Ok I know this has been asked multiple times and multiple ways but I am baffled.:confused: I have a 3 foot by 6 foot 8 foot tall room, 4 Orange kush plants vegitative state under a 250 watt HPS SCROG 4 inch intake hole a 4 inch inline fan with matching 4 inch carbon filter (3 months old) exhusted out of the room. all the seams have been caulked and sealed. Currently there is enough vacuum on the room to suck the door shut so it is under negative pressure. The room where the exhaust is has no smell, but you can smell it in the adjacent rooms. I am baffled i even bought 2 of the 4 oz ona canisters and no help. I am lost please someone give me some advice this is my third grow and i just cant get rid of the smell in the house. I am planning to change strains after this to Nirvana Northern lights as it is supose to have a lower smell but geesh I would have thought after not skimping and buying the fan, filter and resealing the entire room after the second grow that the problem would be solved.:confused_2:

    Please help...
  2. ona is junk... period...

    get a carbon filter... problem solved...

    or a ozone generator, but you must exhaust away from people, its harmful
  3. Where are you dumping the exhaust?

    I "Y" connected mine to the bathroom vent with the fan being the last thing in the chain, dumping through the roof.

    You cannot just dump it into another room and think that it isn't gonna smell.

    You need to remove the "bad air" from the house.
  4. I have a couple of small cheap ozone generators. They work great for about three months and then you have to replace them, but what do you expect for under $60 each

    Cap OZN-JR Ozone Generator Ionizer

    Also, as Jolly mentioned wherever you vent the odor is going to smell, unless there is an inline ozone generator. Those cost a bit more money though.
  5. Is your fan pulling or pushing through the filter. Also when I first hooked up my fan and filter I thought it had some serious negative pressure then I realized the hinges on my cab were self closing. I'm slow.. Not stupid! Either way if your pulling air through a carbon filter there is no reason for any smell in other rooms. I vent into the same room as my cab and have 0 smell. It's also possible that your new carbon isn't so new and fresh. I've heard of people getting new filters that were just so old the carbon wasn't doing anything.
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    Tihspeed I already have a 4 inch CF with matching inline fan.

    Jolly Im dumping the exhust into the basement and we dont smell it there or in the room upstairs where i hid the intake vent. Its in the adjacent room.

    Stlth where do you get an ozone generator that cheap?

    Klown you may be on to something I know the filter is 3 months old and was just delivered to my local hydro store when I purchased it. (they were out of stock had to wait a week) I am pulling through the filter.

    Is it possible to pull too fast through the filter ie do i need to slow my fan down a bit?

    I think I am frustrated from the fact that i spent a good bit of money building this room and weeks sealing and setting it up for stealth and now its as if i just planted in the living room.
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    Yes that can happen. But also, I have had strains that still smelled even after being filtered. The filter will help, but it's best to dump the air outside if you can.

    How much smell is ok where you are? I mean do you smoke in your house? Does it already smell like bud a lil? If no smell is tolerable then you really need to be picky about your strain. I'd get an ionizer if you can't dump the air outdoors. I have one, keep it by my suck in part for my ventilation in my crib and then it pumps o3 throughout the whole place. The 2 working together should do it.

    On a side note, I have started a thread that logs low odor strains here:

    I'm close to adding another strain to the list but want to wait till totally finished. On the flip side, I have a thread that lists stinkiest strains here:

    If you feel like your strain is SUPER STINKY please add it to the list.
  8. don't use a ozone generator unless your venting into your attic or outside... you can die, once again its harmful to carbon based life forms

    you need to provide pictures here... Im just having a hard time imagining the stink not smelling in the room your exhausting to or your grow space but magically stinking up a random room in the house...

    maybe the exhaust is close to the house A/C intake and it gets sucked up and the adjacent room is the first room the A/C dumps air into... thus the stink

    and to back up dirt.... filters have a maximum air flow that can be pushed/pulled threw them before there is a problem... and some can only be pushed and not pulled and vise versa..... we need to know what sort of fan and filter you have
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    You need to vent the "bad air" out of the place.

    Even though you say you can't "smell it" in the room you are dumping it into, you will not be able to find the leak or source.

    With negative pressure on the grow and associated venting, there should not be any stink leak.

    Yes, it is possible to pull it to fast through the filter.

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