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Odor issue.... help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazengamer, May 14, 2010.

  1. So yesterday I made a pick up of an O of Afgan for my vacation out in York PA with my family. This has to be the smellest stank ass weak i've ever smelt. You could smell it throughout the apartment, Overnight I had to wrap it in a lot of tin foil and 3 zip lock bags and place it in my freezer.

    My problem is there a way to transport this to PA without my mom detecting the odor? It going to be like a 9 hour drive just me and her in a decent sized SUV. Any helpful tips, recommendations or comment???
  2. vacuum seal that shit.
  3. smelly proof bags or an airtight glass jar
  4. Get a Folgers Coffee glass container or something of that sort.

    Take ziplock bags.

    Put the baggy in one ziplock, then place that ziplock into another bag.

    Shove them into the airtight glass container.

    Close lid.

  5. Go to the grocery store or target or walmart and pick up some mason Jars. I like the shorter wide mouth jars you should be able to fit about a half in those. And it's fucking ambrosia when you pop off the lid. zero smell when closed

  6. quad wrap that shit in plastic and tin foil. Then wrap it up again in a few grocery bags, then wrap it again then you should be fine.
  7. hahaha put it in the bags, wrap them in the foil, then drip candle wax and put a good coating over the entire thing, NO smells can escape wax..... works better for small shit... but you could try it!
  8. My fellow pot smokers we made it!!!

    Got to PA late last night with the bud like quad wrapped with foil and zip-locks then placed that in a air sealed container and then folded with a shit load of clothes in my bag. I don't think my mom detected any bud related odors. Even though I kept thinking I did (paranoid most likely)

    Now time to kick back and enough mother nature's gifts in the bask of Mother nature's arm for a week!
    Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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