Odor elemination that will trick K9s

Discussion in 'Security' started by 420Fighter, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hey everybody!

    I had an idea the other evening. We all know that carbon filters etc will bring down the odor to the point where a humand cant detect it. But what about K9s?

    This might be like shooting a rabbit with a cannon. But hear me out on my idea, and please comment on the possibilities and weak links.

    Alright. So my plan is to have a high powered negative ionizer in the grow room
    This will ensure that the odors dont travle very far as well as possibly sticking to the carbon filter easier and in greater amounts.

    Also i will have a low output ozongenerator in the grow room. Low output as not to harm the plants and eliminate the scent as early as possible.

    Using a cooltube to lower the temperature i will put an ozongenerator that spreads ozon directly into the outgoing air. After that it passes trough a big carbon filter. and finally a muffler

    If we consider the growroom to be 100% airtight would a k9 be able to pick up the scent of the plants?

    Peace out! :smoke:
  2. First off, from what I know about ionizers, they're great if you have little to no air movement but the way they work is to basically make the scent particle fall to the floor.( blah blah blah, science science, blah blah) but as soon as the air is moved, I.e. fan , they are lifted back into the air and boom there's that damm stank again.. Carbon filters are GREAT for what they do but that's it, for what they do.. I have the biggest can I could find and the fan to go with it and it prolly knocked the smell of my garden in half.. Good deal really but not good enough..never seen or touched an ozone gen, il have to look into that..think about this, if you have a cup of sugar and mix it with a cup of water what do you get? Syrup? But what happens when you dump that cup of sugar into a swimming pool? I bet a dog may still taste it but I doubt enough to catch its attention..my theory, and I'm gona test this soon, is if you pump enough fresh air through your garden it will dilute the smell enough to make it basically unnoticeable.. Anyone ever try this? It obviously wouldn't work in urban environments, the air flow alone would alert everyone in the area but in my neck of the woods I might be able to get away with it.. It's just a theory ;)
  3. i wouldn't suggest the o3 gen in the room itself (plants deff dont need any excess Oxygen)

    but rather right out of the exhaust (post-charcoal filter) if you've got a grow tent

    as for intake, a charcoal filter should suffice. odor leaking from the intake is minimal, but the ozone gen should take care of that. ozone gens with UV bulbs destroy spores and organic based odors holocaust style
  4. Exactly!
    We all know that the human nose is really easy to trick. But would this also work for k9s?
    The idea about the ionizer was that it would make the carbon filter work better. And the ozon kills the organic smell particles.

    Anyone whos been busted with this or know anything about k9s in general?
  5. Probably the best shot at tricking a dog would be an inline ozone generator blowing it outside like you said..don't really have to worry that though

  6. Even if your grow existed underwater, the k9 would still be able to pick up the scent. Pretty much everyone agrees that you simply cannot smuggle a gram of dank even if it's sealed airtight and submerged into Axe or other shit, so I think there's little to no reason to assume that any tool is able to hide the smell of a plant from the dogs.

    But I'd say you're still relatively safe. If you live in the US, I'd be more worried about the heat-detector choppers.
  7. I would say none considering that 4 out of 10 times dogs were able to sniff out cancers in some recent study with 88 to 99 percent accuracy. There sense of smell is 10,000 times to 100,000 times better then a human and just looking at there nose you can tell it can. Much of there brain unlike ours is dedicated to simply smelling.

    Another stat on a dog is a dog on average can smell one part per trillion. Thats equal to being able to smell one drop of chlorine in a swimming pool.

    So good luck with trying to hide it from a dog. :)
  8. Doesn't ozone alter it's molecular composition? Just wondering if that would be enough cause wouldn't it not smell like weed anymore?
  9. You'd be better off buying a bunch of cats and/or spraying your house with coyote urine once a week.. This will make the dogs so excited they will be unable to follow their trainers orders.
  10. just me thinking outside the box, i wouldnt think a dog can smell weed through an air tight bag (treated with chemicles like bleach, and inserted into another bag etc.) , but rather the weed traces on the outside of the bag, or individuals hands, clothing and such, from handling it.

  11. Ain't gonna work. I've thought of that, imagine how hard it is to pick up the smell from an airtight bag in a full bottle of Axe, which is a VERY intense odor.

    Still, folks on GC have presented the facts well enough for me to not even consider trying that shit.

  12. well AXE only masks the smell, overpowers it but not destroying the molecule.

    i would think if the bag and its surroundings were treated with chemicles, it'd be alright with an o3 gen

    but were getting off topic lol. for a grow room, i dunno breau, ill let u know if i ever get caught. im bout to move into a new apt this weekend
  13. I'm not sure about tricking K9 units but the ionizer before the carbon filter is a great idea.
    Done right, it might act as a prefilter for the carbon filter by causing dust particles to fall out of the air and stick to grounded objects.
  14. The only way to beat the pooch is to prove it unreliable.
    Many false positives and the handler will put the dog away as he will get frustrated at the dog having "hits" everywhere and upon closer investigation finds no weed.
    How to do this? Put weed scent EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere.

    So I guess in a sense your not really beating the dog rather demoralizing the handler.

    You'll have far greater success fucking with the cops than the dog.
  15. That's the smartest thing I've heard anyone say on this site in a long time.. :) he's absolutely correct!
  16. I don't know if anyones said this, but Barry Cooper recommended that you get a cat, and disperse the hairs all over your house, apparently this will confuse the dog so well that he will no longer be looking for the weed, instead a cat.
  17. Use Bitch in heat and wolf/coyote urine outside your house (prefereabley on the other side of the sidewalk then your house, if you have it the strip of grass between the sidewalk and street curb).

    If it is a male dog the bitch in heat urine will drive them nuts, male or female the wolf/coyote urine will draw their attention on a very primal level.

    Instinct > Training
  18. I wouldn't too much spend money to "attempt" to beat a dog's sense of smell. Best way I ever heard a dog's sense of smell described was, if you're cooking beef stew, when you walk in the house, you say "mmm beef stew" , when the dog comes around he says " mm, pepper, salt, onions, beef, carrots, potatoes, etc.. "
  19. If you had a carbon filter, ozone generator and used ona I THINK you would be good.

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