Odor control ???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheOnlyWay, May 18, 2010.

  1. For a a 2 plant head stash , how much "odor control" am I going to have to use? I have some odor pucks & I read somewhere about using dryer sheets but I forgot that one already , so just any help would be cool thanks guys.
  2. Most of the time the odor is an earthy fresh plant smell. Sometimes though you get the odor that reeks of pot. I've never tried to mask the odor. My house is pot friendly. As for the odor leaking into the gangway between houses, I tend not to worry about it.

    The more plants you grow, the more odor control you may need.
  3. personally I thing that a small ONA bucket will be plenty to control odor in a small space with two plants. the 5 gallon Ana bucket with a muffin fan seems to be the way to go though. you might be able to do it with a couple odor nutralizing CFLs though. I'm still don't know if I trust those things though.

  4. Hey hey thanks man a clear, direct answer that's great .thanks everyone all of you helped tremendously. I figured I didn't have to worry that much since it's only two, but I wanted your input. Thanks guys
  5. A lot depends on the strain you are growing. Some have relatively little odor others stink to high heaven. The odor will come into play during flowering, the later into it the more smell. You can try putting fabric softener liquid into a bucket and adding an air pump and stone to it. Ona is also a good way to go. Dryer sheets on a fan will also take care of at least some smell. Use your own judgement as to how much of these cheap fixes you need as the smell increases and good luck.

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