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  1. so im growing one plant in a 2 ft high 2ft wide and i was wonderingiwhat would be a good choice to conrtol the smell? carbon filters and ozone generators arent gonna work for me. Would Ozium spray or ONA gel work? thanx
  2. bump cause im wondering the same thing!!
  3. ha ya come on guys, help us out.
  4. no one is helping you because there is a search feature to this forum. Use it, it will change your life.
  5. ya ik but none of em have my exact situation, most of em end up just sayin get a carbon filter

  6. Why would an ozone machine or a carbon filter not work?
  7. because and ozone is to loud?idk i just asume it is correct me if im wrong. And a carbon filter wouldnt work cuz my grow needs to be stealth.
  8. this is like the fifth time i did this but im on my fiends account so sry for the confusion.
  9. your response was reasonable so i'll help. Carbon filter, you're golden. Ozone machine works alright but can be dangerous in high concentrations and little wafts of smell get by. I used the ozone jr. it was 90 bucks at the hydro shop and was super quiet. worked very well for 6 plants. I wouldn't use it again though Because some odor gets by and it really does make dank smell like grassy beaster.
  10. thanx man, so ur saying i should try out the ozone jr? how many plant did u have goin? cuz ive only got one so u think it will take away the smell of just one plant?
  11. ive also heard good things about the vaportronic. ne1 have ne experience with this?
  12. Ozone Jr works good but has an awful headache inducing sickening smell. I wouldn't recommend it. Go with the carbon filter + inline fan. Works wonders.
  13. well like i sadi above, my grow needs to be stealthy, so the carbon filter is outta the picture. So im either gonna use the vaportronic or the ozone jr.
  14. Okay man, Dont be so worried about it. For a cheap additive smell catcher, use dryer sheets. Like buy your fan ( or any place that the air moves a bit more ). Get a small air purifier too. Those are cheap and you dont have to run it all the time if you use those dryer sheets. I have two Indicas flowering at all time ( Indicas are known for stickin up the place before you even flower them ). With one plant you will be just fine. Good luck for sure though!
  15. thanx man.+rep for u sir
  16. yeah something like that would be a great thing for one to two small, but good sized plants. I would say try that. But most plants dont smell til a bit into flowering. ( dont get me wrong, some will put off smell before the flowering process, but I tend to like the early growing phase smell from my babies) But I dont think you will have a problem!
  17. Sweet, thanx for all ur help dude.

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