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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by NuGrower, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Hi all, newbie here...having read info here at da city I've successfully grown 2 beauties...not sure of the strain, thks all.
    Into the grow about 6 wks now and the odor has become a serious prob, I can't place them outside as the weather won't b warm enuf until late May. My question is...can I do anything to the plants that will make them stop smelling, if only for a few weeks until i can get them outside?
    What about pruning them?? If i cut back some leaves would this help me enuf??
    I was only experimenting and want to be ready for May/June to try again and I have my outside grow area ready!
    But i don't want to have to destroy my beauties!! Does anyone have any suggestions??
    .P.S would there be any benifit from harvesting them after only 6 wks???
  2. Theres not much if anything you can do to stop the plants smelling.

    Vinigar in a bowl or bicarb of soda help to cover or absorb the smell a bit.

    Or the old incence :D
  3. Tks critter...I know i have to destroy my plants, bummer. Chaulk it up to experience and I'll be getting ready for my outside grow! I'm going to try to take some cuttings off my plants and try to root them! Lots of info here to help me with that!
    I can't keep them here with me as I live in a basement apt and my landlord lives above me! :(
  4. Easy tiger you can fix this problem for keep... I hope you didn't kill them already...

    A guy had your exact problem at overgrow awhile back and a dude named "mogy" posted this. I'm not taking creadit for this is you want to read the whole thread it's here...


    Readgardless... you can fix it like this

    "$20.00 hmmmmm
    Go to wally world get 3 jars of activated charcol, in the fish area about 3.99 each
    2 furnace filters about 1.50 each
    some duct tape in your drawer

    lay down 1 filter on the floor pour the charcol on the filter and spread out.

    place other filter on top

    tape the edges of the filter together trapping the charcole inside.

    get that plastic milk crate you stole from behind that store years ago.
    set the box type fan that is out in your storage, lay it face up on that stolen milk crate, place the filter sandwich on the fan put the whole cobbled up mess by the plants, plug in the fan, turn it onto low.
    Last but not least bookmark this page so you can pm me and send me a joint when you harvest. peace mogy
    this has about 10 times the area that small store bought carbon filters have, this fooker will clean the whole house."
  5. Nope..haven't hurt them yet and I'm going out right now to get the supplies for this filter. I just checked in here for any replies and shorty... you just may of saved the day!!!(not to mention the plants) lol
    Thks for the post, I'll let ya know how it goes...
  6. l,ve heard about this being done with a 5 gall plastic drum.A fan in each end and carcol and filterwool in the middle .Sounds good l,,l have to try it one day .

  7. No problem buddy. I'm a newbie too. You're actually further along in your grow than I am. So, I wish you luck and if you want to wish a little luck this way that'd be cool. Lemme know if this works and again good luck and I'm glad to atleast have been able to give you an option if nothing else. :D
  8. Well guys, after two days of using my homemade filter the odor has just about vanished! In the mornings there is a little smell in our apt but that soon goes once we open the windows a little. I'm going to keep it staus guo for now and hopefully this will work until I can get these in the ground! I will try to get a pic for you to post in the near future!
    It was a great option Shorty...I wanna give big kudos to u shorty...ur info (mogy's) has certainly saved my plants...my plants sprouted around the 4th of March and now there approx 14"-18"high!
  9. and shorty... good luck to you on your grow..maybe wwe can compare pics later?? :)
  10. No problems nu, I'm thrilled that it worked for you. Now we all now that it for sure works, and that's better for everybody. :D

    I would love to compare pics with you but I spent all my money on my set up and don't have a digital camera. I've put about 1200 bucks into a nice set up and my grow right now is about 30 bucks worth of that. (I'm growing under 4' floros just to gain some experience). Plus I'm growing bag seed and it's growing slower than slow. It's been about a month for me too and my bigest plant just got it's 4th set of nodes. :( But oh well I'll chalk it up to experience and leave it at that.

    Anyways, I'd love to see your set up and maybee I can sweet talk a friend into letting use their digi-cam and showing you mine. I wish you luck bro. :D
  11. Wow shorty..you've invested bigtime. I've spent approx. 50 bucks on my setup, as i had most of the equipment. Using a 150watt hps for vegging and had used a 24" flo for the sprouts. I have purchased a timer for the 12/12(flowering), but now because of this battle with the odor I'm going to plant them outside and let nature take it's course!!
    I don't have a camera either but i may be able to borrow a friends..we'll see!!
    I hope you have luck with your grow...my plants really started to shoot up in the 4th and 5th wks, they like double their size!
    Later bro
  12. Thanks for the luck man but I'm afraid that I don't need it anymore. I had a close run in with the 5-0 last night and right after they left I pull up my babies. I wanted to cry..... I can't believe my first grow ended like that. :(

    I couldn't believe it man. No shit the cops came to my house (I'm a convicted felon) and start asking me all kinds of shit even after I told them that I wouldn't answer question without my lawyer. I thought they were going to come back with a warrant and arrest me, so I pull up my babies....... Needless to say I'm having securitity problems at the moment.

    I gotta find a new grow space, it might just be the great outdoors.
  13. Yeah man thoose work great. I have a friend with a "real" job that bought one and she runs it after she smokes pot. She doesn't want any of her "professional" friends to know that she smokes, and it does a great job of clearing out where ever we're smoking..... As far as plant odor, I'm sure it could take care of it, with the way that she and I smoke.

    Edit* I just checked your link and her's isn't exactly like that. Her's looks like a black gun. I think it's like a uvair or some sorta brand like that............. P.S. Why spend 200 bucks on that though bro? She has money to waste so it's no big deal to her but for you, check these links out.



    *Start with this*
  14. It looks like a neat rig...but the filter I have made from shorty's(mogy's) post is working good for me so far. I need it to work for another couple of wks and I'll be home free, as I'll be able to get them in the ground and won't have to worry about the odor!!!!! And the best thing about it .....it cost me less than 15.00 smackers!!! :)

  15. Sorry to hear about the heat on ya shorty...mine would be pulled too! Lots to be said for the great outdoors! :)
  16. There is a simple one time solution for smoke odor control, organic, natural and non-toxic.

    Check it out at www.air-renu.com
  17. I have this same problem since I moved my house is newer so it's so air tight, if I don't have any positive air in, my entire house is loud! So I'm thinking about cutting a hole in the house for a "cold air intake" otherwise nobody will ever be allowed in my house

  18. Extensive research indicates that that negative ions assist plantgrowth in the greenhouse and horticulture fields. "Scientists at theUniversity of California grew barley, oats, lettuce, and peas with a total of onlysixty positive ions and negative ions and found that growth was stunted and theplants were diseased. The same experiment in air with more than double thenatural number of Negativeions increased the growth rate by 30%. Seedlings subjected to negativeionization grew fifty percent faster and larger. I have had the same experiencein my grow room and also eliminated odor with a product called air-renu.
  19. dude why did you even bother replying to this in the first place back in december? this thread is 8 years old.

    i also dont think taking everything out of your room mid flower, painting the whole room, letting it dry, than moving your plants back in is an effective way of getting rid of the smell.

    not exactly sure how this product works, but air ionizers & ozone generators are harmful to plant & animal tissue.

    if you put charged particles mixed into your paint, and than painted the walls..........wouldnt there be a bunch of static? wouldnt everything stick to the walls?

    do not trust this man or his product. he is simply an advertiser trying to sell a useless can of shit.

    dont believe me? look at all 3 of his posts. he promotes this crap in every one of them.


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