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odor control

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lone Rancher, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. i have schizophrenia i want to grow the cbd but i live at my parents house. They are pro cbd and against thc. I have just one question about indoor growing with carbon filters. When i open my tent will it make the house reek? or will the carbon filter take care of that. because i don't want all my clothes smelling like weed because when i go to work i don't want to get fired. my tent would go in the closet. I just dont want a problem with the odor every time i open the tent.

    BTW - They let me grow outdoor, but i want to try indoor.
  2. so it will stink up my room when i open the tent even with a carbon filter?
  3. Yes, your room and entire house can smell with the door open and depending on house ventilation. Not guaranteed, but definitely possible. But the smell won't like linger long once the tent is zipped back up.

    Sorry about your illness, I'm glad your parents seem somewhat supportive of alternative medicines and therapy. Bummer about the THC part... Not that they would be able to tell what you're growing. Good luck
  4. yeah it is known that thc enhances the schizophrenic symptoms because thc is the spychoactive part of the plant. but cbd has no spychoactive chemicals so you don't get high but you still get the healing properties.

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