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    Hey guys and gals. I'm having a bit of an issue here. I'm looking to start a small grow, literally just one autoflower. I am extremely limited on space, money, and stealth is of the utmost importance. I've got just about everything figured out except for the odor control. I will be growing in a small cupboard with no access to any kind of ventilation. So my big question is, what do I need to do to ensure that my house will be stank free? And sorry if this isn't in the right place as this is my first post.

  2. No ventilation = nothing for you to smoke
  3. fresh air intake and outtake is vital when growing this majestic plant 
  4. I can make air flow in and out with no problem. I do know a little about the plant I've just never grown it myself.
  5. Its just that before I did that I wanted to know about the odor before I set up some fans
  6. if odour is an issue for you your going to need to look into carbon filters but your growing only one solo auto and it would be a waste of money for you to invest in such a product. fans is what you need, 6" clip ons would do nicely
  7. So just a couple fans will stop the odor? Should I get some ONA too?
  8. no an exhaust system is what will stop odour aka carbon filters. fans are your ventilation, your in and out fresh air cycle that lets your plants breath steady. for your situation your not growing enough for a filter to be necessary. either rethink your grow area or strategy, best of luck.
  9. Hi, I'm on my first grow and 3rd week into flower. For the plants that I'm growing I havent had an issue with odor yet.  So I guess you will be fine for 6+ weeks of being odor free. The best method for 1 plant is to build a dedicated grow box, and add a homemade pencil cup carbon filter. This will allow you to control odor and other variable.
    But tell us about your airflow you mentioned
  10. Look into ona blocks I think there called, put one in a bucket with a fan fac g upwards

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  11. Do yourself and the plant a favour and get a cheap 4" fan/filter...
  12. So I've decided that since I'm only going to grow one plant at a time that I'm going to use a dedicated grow box inside of the cupboard. Not sure about the setup just yet but I have decided to use homemade carbon filters just to be on the safer side.
  13. i would like to see a picture of your "homemade filter" if ya don't mind
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  15. I thought it was pretty ingenious! If I had a small enough grow, I would use that.
  16. agreed!!! mad props to that sly devil haha
  17. I figured i could use a rubbermaid tub to make the box, get some foil for the reflective, some clip on heat lamps with cfls, some small fans, and a couple pc fans with those filters on the end. Does this sound like it will work? I only have 2 ft. to work with height wise inside of the cupboard. Considering that I'm only going to grow one auto, I figured this setup would work well.

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