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  1. Will ten plants in my closed closet, in my closed bathroom, in my closed bedroom, still stink up my entire house if I didnt use a carbon filter. I'm not to the point of odor issues yet, but will it definitely be an issue in a few weeks when my girls start to flower?
  2. I don't know if it will stink up your entire house, but they will get very stinky, and it also depends on genetics a swell, but in general 10 plants will be very smelly.
  3. every time u enter ur home u will smell it, do yourself a favore
    get a decent carbon scrubber,before its to late,u will be sweating!!!kind
  4. I got one today, thanks for the advice. Not many people come to my house, but I cant risk anyone that may show up finding out.
  5. you will be happy with a carbon filter,we all tryed to avoid them but always break down and buy em,sucks when ur neighbor says, dam kids, i always smell pot!!!myself carbon filter into ona buckets,its like doing laundry all the time,now ur neighbor says, who washes close all day!!! good luck. kind
  6. I am pretty happy with the tent, but it was kind of a pain in the ass to set up. My growing partner went and got a 39 x 39 x 78, so I lost some growing area in my closet, but this thing is bad ass. We vented it right into my attic, and Im impressed already. This is going to be a mother, so once its growing im prob gonna move it into a 32 x 32, so I can get back my growing space.
  7. had a dozen blue-berry plants in a grow that i vented to the attic. one day i came home and could smell them 3 houses down. cut em down , never did that again. that strain was one hit and every once in a while you had to stop and think where you were!
  8. I think Ill have a few advantages over the odor issue. One, the air thats going into my attic goes through a carbon filter first. Two, the area of my house its in is a front corner, and my neighbor on that side isnt nosy. And three, I live on a quiet street, and nobody gets in anyone elses business. Did you use a carbon filter before venting into the attic?
  9. yes a carbon filter and negative ion generators. the problem was the strain, it was seriously potent, not skunky but fruity. the odor would not be contained. other strains weren't a problem. but it only takes once to be screwed . what i found out was all my immediate neighbors were tokers. not squealers.:hello:
  10. Damn, I hope that doesnt happen with my Big Bud or the skunk no1 im about to plant. Most people are, or have been tokers at one point in their life, even if they wont admit it.
  11. A buddy of mine is growing 10 plants aeroponically. he has not tried to filter smell what so ever. he supercropped them so each plant has like 8-10 colas on it but long story short...it REEKS HEAVILY of bud when you open the glass door to his front door. When you walk inside its just overwhelming with odor. So yes, 10 plants would reek up a storm once flowering started. If your going to grow ten plants, you may as well get a nice grow tent. i bought a 5ftx5ftx7ft tent. cost me about 300 bucks but totally worth it since i have so much negative pressure flowing through that any odor and heat flow up and out. I would not recomend waiting till 4 weeks into veg than getting a tent. Get EVERYTHING setup FIRST. makes it wayyy easier. Hope that helps and good luck with your grow!
  12. I have everything setup for what Im doing now. Im getting everything all figured out for what I need when I start pulling clones. Currently I have a Big Bud seed in a 39 x 39 tent. The plan is to keep her as a mom, and move her to a 24 x 24 tent, and use the rest of my 5ft x 6ft closet for growing her clones. Since I have some time, Ive been brain storming, and think I came up with a good solution for the odor and heat outside of my tent. Ill post pics when Im ready to start upgrading.
  13. I hope you arent allergic to mold. Venting all that moist hot air into an attic can create vigorous mold growth up there--its dark, hot and moist. cost me 5 grand to have the mold removed from my attic. The whole family was sick for months til we figured it out.
  14. My attic is actually really dry. I have soffits all around my house where the roof hangs over, so its ventilated really well up there, and dry as a bone. The thought crossed my mind too though.

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