Odor control via humidifier?

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading about odor control and was thinking of making the home made purifier using o.n.a. and soil moist. I've read. Via the description of odor neutralizing agent stating it can be used thru a humidifier and was wondering if anyone has tried it using a hot or cool humidifer. Let me know the results. I have 1 plant in a closet.


  2. A small container of ONA will keep the oder away without the need for any additional equipment.

    I have 24 ladies going in a 5x5x7 tent that I open daily with a small can of ONA in the room and its keeping the smell under control
  3. Quick q may sound dumb but what is ONA ?
  4. idk if a humidifer will stop the smell in my case i have an a/c that has a built in dehumidifer and carbon filter...which is why i bought that particular model...if doesnt fix the smell INSIDE but thats not an issue for me...outside you cant smell a thing (thats the important part to me...)

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