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Odor control and vacuum seal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ECLIPSE, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So I got these bags [​IMG]

    And I've read up multiple posts regarding these bags saying there not smell proof from dogs even if I put them through multiple bags. Then I read up on gonzo bags and those look promising but they're just so damn expensive. Anyone have any suggestions experience with vacuum sealing bags and passing a dogs nose?
  2. dogs got a really sharp sense of smell....

    so put some dryer sheets in one of the outer layered bags.
  3. Smelly proof bags - zip bags don't work - make sure once you put the weed in the bag (without touching the external sides of it) you wash your hands before sealing the bag. Them freezer bags don't stop LOL
  4. Dryer sheets and "smellproof" bags are not going to work against a k9.
  5. They stop a springer spaniel MATE. Past experience and that. Most IDIOTS don't understand what the dogs picks up. Mainly it's what's on the wrap/bag that's transfer from fingers to its external leaving the particles the dogs nose picks up. Alcohol hand wash and SMELLYproof (google it) bags work. Walked through train stations with Qs in my bag passed sniffer dogs and not been pulled. Each to their own I guess

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