Odds on who will win the next election?

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  1. Everyone has so much fun hating Trump. I think he's going to win the next election. The news would never make you think that is possible with all the daily Trump bashing.

    There is one entity that can't lie about who they think will win the election because their income is based on who they bet on winning. That is bookies. People who make odds for bets. They all have Trump winning the next election across the board.

    The 2nd running favorite is 4 1/2 to 1 odds meaning if you bet $100 on the person closest to winning next to Trump you win $450 (Kamala Harris). Betting on Trump to win pays 1:1. I think the odds makers are crazy on Kamala being #2 but okay.

    It's interesting to see the opinion of people who simply cannot lie.
    Megan Rapinoe For President? You Can Bet on That
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  2. I predict Trump winning in an enormous landslide.
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  3. I think that if the dems don't figure their shit out and come up with a candidate who can bring in moderates they are in for another rude awakening. I do think their will be close to a record turnout with all the young Woke kids.

    I voted for Hillary but I am switching in Protests but it doesn't matter in my state it's blue anyways.
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  4. A shillary supporter? lol

  5. Trump.
    He's done good I think. I wish he would take and make all the reps, congress etc... pay into medicare just like the rest of us and when they get voted out, no more paychecks. That's bullshit I think, keep getting paid.
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  6. Most think he'll win including myself. Bush Jr got elected 2 terms. Nuff said lol
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  7. Democrats are still talking too much nonsense. Trump isn't great, his trade policy in particular is terrible IMO but what do the Dems have? Comrade Sanders? Kamala "Forced Bussing" Harris who is still talking about dead issues like the gender pay gap? Mr. Potato Head Booker?

    The only halfway decent candidate is Yang but he won't get the nomination and could never beat Trump if he did.
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  8. Trump. Hes doing great. Nobody is ever going to please everyone.
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  9. Trump to thump. He needs to quit stepping on his own tie though. I cannot wait to see him call Warren, Pocohontas, to her face...she will have a stroke.
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  10. I believe President Trump got re-elected the day the Judges children had to be walked out of the building when the Democrat's were so fucking disgusting I nearly shot a hole through my TV. I will never forgive the democratic party for trying to destroy a man in front of his children knowing dam well everything was made up shit just to try to get him to step down from his nomination for the SCOTUS position. The Democrat's are toast...imo
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    What exactly has trump done that benefited anyone here in some way?
    Can anyone here express his specific policy that made your life better?

    I guess bashing democratic party might be considered as a win for many, but realistically he hasn't done anything worth noting. For me personally he just delivered a ton of comedic value... And my Corp tax rate was a little lower, but nothing worth noting. Other than that it's just been a Twitter war for three years and lots of weird interviews.
    I have no problem if trump wins again. It's all the same shit.
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  12. You make no sense at all with that talking point. Don't you realize that everybody's tax rate went down? I could look it up in print somewhere and we could read it together incase you need help with the math. Another tax break I get to take advantage of that I didn't before is business up grades that I used to depreciate over several years and now I can right them off all in the same year. My employee's all got a raise from the company that amounts to about 10k more per year than they were getting and their tax rate is less so simple math skills would say everybody around me is benefiting with the President Trump tax break.

    Your corp must not do well if you are not grateful for paying less than you were, kinda like zero is still zero after the math part. You have to make money to save money..My company makes a profit and I know some don't, or if its not much the lower rate wouldn't mean much to some. I hope you can find a way to improve your revenue stream so you can feel the love this President has for his country.
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  13. Taxes down, unemployment down, business is booming.

    Plus the more people like you hate on him, the more people like me like him.
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  14. Www.magapill.com

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  15. It will be the Putin/Kim ticket
  16. Minorities are going to show up this time. tRump lost the popular vote by over 2 million. He's going to get his ass handed to him, in a hat.
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  17. I thought they showed up last time? If you could double the minority vote you better hope they are not all in California because nothing will change. I believe with 49 states counted before California President Trump was ahead in the popular vote . Good luck..
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  18. I don't think they are eligible seeing as the ran things for the 8 years prior to Trump.
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  19. In Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential wins. Now, newly released Census Bureau data confirm what many have anticipated: that both minority and black voter turnout took a decided downturn in 2016 November elections— helping to compound the impact of the lower than 2012 vote margins that Democrat Hillary Clinton received in her loss to Donald Trump. Minority and black turnout was not only lower in the national statistics but also in key swing states.

    The new census statistics, drawn from the Current Population Survey’s November 2016 Voting and Registration supplement, estimate the eligible voter population (citizens over age 18) along with the voter population. This allows for the calculation of voter turnout rates— the percent of eligible voters that reported voting. Nationally, there was a tiny decline in overall voter turnout since 2012: 61.4 percent, down from 61.8 percent. But the shifts by race were more substantial.

    Turnout trends by race
    While white turnout has long eclipsed minority turnout, the gap narrowed during the two Obama elections— reducing the differential to below 10 percent (download Table 1). Yet, the gap widened again in 2016 to over 12 percent (65.3 percent for white Americans versus 52.7 percent for minorities), due to a modest gain for white Americans and a more marked decline for minorities.

    Among minority groups, black Americans showed the sharpest decline in voter turnout– 7.1 percent since 2012. At 59.6 percent, it was the lowest black turnout rate since 2000. This is notable because 2012 was the first year since records were kept that black turnout eclipsed white turnout nationally. The 2016 black turnout rate lies nearly six points behind that of the white turnout rate.
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