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Odds of drug testing at my new job

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stewm, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hey I'm soon to be a new employee of a car dealership where I'll be a porter or detailer(fancy way of saying car cleaner). My question is, do you think I'll be drug tested, the dealership is an Infiniti Dealership if that makes a difference and I know you could say it depends on the owners/management and stuff but I'm just assuming that due to the fact that these are blue collar jobs, odds are they won't drug test but I maybe wrong.

    Any input?

  2. I'm guessing you filled out an application? Did it mention anything about a drug test? They need your consent.
  3. They can't just spontaneously give you a surprise drug test. Don't smoke until you know for sure they won't give you one.
  4. pretty much every company drug tests besides fast food, or restaurants.
  5. [quote name='"Malakiarat"']pretty much every company drug tests besides fast food, or restaurants.[/quote]

    False fact is false
  6. Its hard to say. Some companies might drug test the full time people and not part time. If its a small place I wouldn't really expect them to, where a big place probably would test everyone. But most jobs will mention that you'll have to take one at some point when your putting in your application in the 1st place.

  7. I filled out an application and already had my interview and drugs were never mentioned, but I've heard instances where it will never be mentioned until later and they do it randomly.
  8. I might be hired at a small company my uncle works at and the application says they may do a drug test when im hired or during employment. Ive only smoked twice last week but should I be worried?
  9. Are drug tests big in America?

    I've worked for 13 companies in my time which include some well known brands and I've never had to take one here in the UK and I don't know anyone that has.

    Except for friends who are in the army/security services.

  10. what i like to do is abstain from pot and exercise a week before the test. I am a heavy smoker and have a high metabolism so it burns off really well that way. then i do the other things we do to avoid reading positive on it.

    Yeah it is very big here in the US. almost every job tests, excluding some small or family owned businesses, but i'd say over 70% of places test.
  11. ^
    Really? I'm in california and tests are pretty rare.

  12. He/she said pretty much:p Which is mostly true.

  14. really wow thats crazy drug tests are huge here they do it for all kinds of jobs the worst ive heard was even drug tests at school although im not shure if thats true i dont have any creadiable info just heard of it

    so i just applyed for a job online then went in to kinda "interview" and filled out my w-9 and I4 or whatever their called and all the other applications and i just went through job training/orintation that was payed and i havnt been drug tested they didnt formaly say im hired really

    sooo u think they will drug test me?

    they didnt say anything about a drug test and i remeber a paper about a no drug police blah blah but im thinking i shouldve read it:eek:. cause i prob would say if i was getting drug tested on their
  15. Just ask your manager

    just say something like this
    "Where do i need to go to take the drug test?"

    and he will then tell you if you need to take one and where
  16. Depending on where you live, I'd say chances are fairly high for an test on conditional employment. However, that's likely it. Most business do not regularly drug test their employees (that would get really expensive really fast). Most just do an initial test, and if there's ever some sort of accident.

    So don't worry too much. If there is an initial test, and there's no way you'll pass, just pick up some fake piss, or get a clean friend to substitute. Just be sure to keep it at the right temp and you'll be fine.
  17. When is this possible drug test? If it's in the next few weeks, don't chance it, substitute.

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