Oddly shaped and single pointed leaves? WITH PICS

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BiggFunkNugg, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Everything was going fine until a few days ago when I noticed weird leaves starting to develop. Most leaves only have one, two or three blades. All the lower leaves are still normal looking and healthy with five, seven and nine points. Only new growth is being affected. They are being properly fed, have good PH and air circulation. The only change I made was moving the light further away. This has been fixed but I'm not sure that was my problem. Any suggestions would be phenomenal dudes. Thanks in advance.

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  2. what light cycle are you in , flower or veg? how long?

    what ferts are you using?
  3. We have seen this so much I gave it a name "backing down".

    It's from poor root development here. We had a bad gnat problem awhile back. The larve would eat the roots and just cause problems(2OO+perpetual grow here in OLD house).

    Now to figure out your problem.

    can you give specs like ph, soil mix, temps, ect. Be helpful.

  4. soil or hydro?
    if soil how big is the container and how long has it been in that container?
  5. High funk! if its root or nute related....ol' west will sniff it out...lol. but in my expierence it has been a hormonal imbalance caused by clones taken during flowering or light-leaks in the grow room. Temps may have an affect on hormones as well, so check the extremes of lights on and off. your leaf-stems are pretty dark so there is some stress somewhere...
    peace and hope that helps, bugout :bolt:

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