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oddest smoking spot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. what is the oddest place you've smoked, i smoke in my pidgeon coop all the time but it is really weird to other people that i have a pidgeon coop in my back yard, i have a falcon too.:smoking:
  2. in a pitch black closet with my two friends because i had just gotten some diffuser beads for my bong that glow in the dark
  3. In one of those pop up campers, but it was put down so there was like 6" between the floor and ceiling lol
  4. Dude, nice AVI
  5. probably a tree that we all climbed in

    or in a trailer with a depressed old head
  6. uhm, for me probably , damn i was thinking for like 10minutes and couldnt focus. Im too high, i give up. "(
  7. Back around the trail on the railroad tracks, early morning. It didn't feel scary as much odd like Slender is around
  8. In an airplane my friend was flying. It was not only the oddest, but seriously the coolest. I'll never be able to top that.
  9. thought of another one. haha my friend's grandparents were out of town and they are renting a section of the house, anyways. they have this little closet in the back bedroom, me and him boxed the fuck out of a tiny ass 3x5 closet, with tons of shit in it, barely enough standing room, by the time we left i was coughing so fucking hard, and we ashed it in the corner, lmfao.... he told me to.

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