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Odd weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SHeekle, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I recently bought a bag of weed from my friend and it was dark (almost brown when you look at it from a distance), a little moist, and cought on fire for a little bit when we were smoking it, and it had a Pretty much normal high. Can somebody explain what caused this?
  2. sounds like resin from the description, but pics are the only way to get a better idea
  3. well sir, I believe this weed you bought from your friend was a popular recreation drug called marijuana which produces a "pretty much normal high"
  4. hmmm you smoked weed and got high.......weird
  5. Haha yeah it sounds pretty stupid but im iust wondering why it would catch on fire and look like that and be moist.
  6. Upon further investigation i found some black spots on it, is this mold?
  7. With no pics, how should we know? :confused:

  8. If you see white spots then it should be mold, not black spots. It sounds like someone dipped your weed in something funky.
  9. Do you have a camera that can produce some decent quality pictures.

    There is such a thing as black mold, but I think it applies only to mushrooms =P

    Pics and we can help!
  10. Its just some shwag, probably leafy, which is why it caught on fire. Black spots could be anything, and so could the wetness
  11. I've come to the following conclusions

    1. The black spots are actually very dark purple due to the cold
    2. It is more of a reddish/light greenish which is normal
    3. It is moist because the grower was lazy
    4. I am a dumb stoner who let his curiosity get to him.
  12. Wait so the weed lit on fire?

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