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Odd Smelling Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CoreFlux, May 27, 2013.

  1. So I picked up 2 grams yesterday and got home to smoke it. So I pull the weed out and break some pieces off of a big nug to shove in the grinder. But first I smelled it. It still smelled like weed, but there was another smell in there. It was more like a sweet (literally sweet smelling) citrus smell to it. When I ground it up it still smelled like it and when I smoked it, I had that same taste in my mouth.
    I got this bud from my usual dealer and this was the first time it smelled like this. He always gave me clean, dank weed, but this is just weird. The weed was still great, and it got me high but I'm just curious as to what made it smell like that.
    When I texted my guy he agreed and said to him it smelled like a "lemon-lime gatorade" kind of smell. He reassured me there's nothing bad added to it, saying his supplier doesn't do that. So what do you think it might be guys? It's not like I'm gonna throw it in the trash since I spent  my money on it already, but I'd rather be informed

  2. I dunno weed can have a range of strange smells, the OG Kush I have has a strong lemony sort of smell to it.
  3. My rule of thumb is that if you're an experienced stoner, and u think the batch u got is unusual, you're usually right.

    Some people are known to re-moisten nugs with orange peel and other fruits.
    This usually results in molding after a while.

    So if there is no mold on ur buds yet, I'd def finish up the batch as fast as u can.
    That's just what I'd do.

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  4. Lol just another noob. Weed can smell like a variety of different things not just pure skunk.

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