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  1. i got this seedling i've been growing for about 5 days now. its first leaves are huge and its second set are coming in. I've been alternating the plants lighting source and so on every day, its usually about 12 hours of sunlight, about 6 of compact fluro light, and 4 hours in darkness, give or take an hour or two on all them.

    im pretty fucking baked right now, and i looked at my plant, and it seems to have grown in a questionmark-like curve...i was wondering if anyone else has grown plants that end up with accidental bends, and if it stunts growth or anything.

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  2. Indeed she's right. Repot that sucker and bury everything but the top little bit. Keep it under 18/6 constantly. And keep the cfl about 3" away or less.
  3. I've been watering it enough, and it certianly isnt limp. its just bending becausemy fluro is at one side and the light fromt he window is at another, so getting light from two sources is making it move back and forth. I was just baked and wanted to see if anyone else does a small recreational grow like me and had something similar happen. basically, if it seems sickly or underdeveloped, its probibly because im only growing that one plant, just makes it take longer to develope when its all alone.
  4. ????
    Longer to develop all alone???


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