OD'd on DXM and almost died!!!

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  1. Well I had been taking Dxm every night for the past couple of months and i was starting to feel really fucked up all the time, my vision was getting blurry, burned when i urinated, had trouble standing up for long periods of time well the final night i took my usual dosage and about 2 hours later i was almost completely paralyzed for half an hour i couldnt really move any of my extremities and i couldnt talk! I somehow managed to call 911 but i could barely talk all i could do was somewhat slurr the word dxm the paramedics came and broke my door down and rushed me to the hospital i was barely able to talk for the next 24 hours I didnt know my name my birthday or anything when i finally came to and was able to talk they had me on suicide watch for the next 48 hours. My heartrate when i was in the ambulance was 250 it felt like there was an elephant on my chest i couldnt breath. You guys have no idea how lucky i feel to be alive i though i was gonna die or at least be mentally challenged for the rest of my life. Im telling you all this to warn you to stay away from dxm it is the craziest drug i have ever experienced im telling all of you if you are thinking of trying it DONT just stick to marijuana. I thought i had found the perfect drug because when i first started taking dxm id feel completely fine the next day nothing like alcohol where your hung over and sick. Boy was I wrong! If anyone wants to talk or know more about my experience feel free to pm me and ill give you my aim screename and we can talk. Anyone else have experience with dxm please share.
  2. I think this belongs in Pandoras box.
  3. In the words of my penis in your ear: "oooo yeah it's jammy panty time"
  4. Where'd that come from? Lol.
  5. Maybe now you've learned to just stick with weed instead of doing disassociates and other crappy drugs
  6. Every night for a few months? Did you not do any research at all, dude? You could have very easily died unless you're doing pure DXM and are just doing the triple C's or the cheap knock offs then your liver will be fucked

    Yep, DXM sucks. Try and get your hands on good Family white-on-white L and take a real trip
  7. No matter what happens in life, the moment it burns when you pee is when you should know something is wrong and take action.
  8. ^^^what he said
  9. words of wisdom right there
  10. I expect it was the amount of something in the kind you where taking that would do that, not the dxm.

    or you took it so often that the half life of the last dose was never down low enough, and had a massive amount of dxm in your body at all times, always increasing.
  11. Yeah DXM is a stupid drug. The drug itself and all the other crap in the cough syrup is very bad for you and addictive. I have experience with it but stopped taking it. One day I might try shrooms or acid but DXM is just not worth it.

    Don't do drugs smoke weed:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  12. Jesus, every night for months? I swear even though the statistics say average intelligence is increasing over time shit like this makes me highly doubt that.
  13. All these posts are EXACTLY why you should of posted this in the pandora's box.
  14. Should have done your research man. It's suggested to wait a few weeks between DXM trips.
  15. that was the problem right there. i do dxm, but only on occassion, such as every other week, and i have never had any problem with it. im sorry to tell you but you absolutely abused the drug.
  16. once u have a bad trip on dxm, u know your done. i make the mistake of doing a redose in the middle of a trip. started at 600 mg then only took about 250 more, the transition was fucking rediculous, never experienced anything that crazy... dont redose on dxm if u do it, it makes experience much more intense, i had a buddy take 500 mg then took 340, he was freaking the hell out, and his usual tolerance was around 1100-1300 mg.
  17. I think I might have almost overdosed on PCP. It was like two hours after the I had taken it and I was sitting in my recliner and I just remember feeling really weak all of a sudden and I remember thinking how dry my throat was. Next thing I knew my vision became blurry and I was floating in and out of consciousness then came the difficulty breathing and the cold sweats. I stayed like that, unable to move and fading in and out for hours. When I finally came around I was barely able to walk without losing my balance and I was white as a sheet, just dripping with sweat. I am pretty sure that I almost died.
  18. lolz +rep
  19. That's why I don't fuck with that kinda shit....if there is a chance of overdose I won't fuck it (except alcohol because I can gauge my limit safely without putting my health in jeopardy). Sure someone here disagrees, but whatever.
  20. while i was at the hospital they took blood from me and said all my organs are still fine and i dont know about what u guys say it might be something else in the drug because i always made sure to get the stuff with just dxm as the active ingredient

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