OD'd my plants with Captain Jack's, THE END RESULTS

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  1. Well, I have a major problem. I mis measured when I mixed my Captain Jack's, and it f'd my plants big time. Totally my mistake, and I've never had a problem using it, until I screwed up.

    The plants were in awesome shape July 4, on that day I put the Capt Jack's on them, as i do once a week, but with three times the concentrate than needed in the water. the next day they looked super wilted. Then I noticed the leaves were canoeing, and the main top and the top of every Branch was basically flopped over. Knowing that wouldn't happen over night, and seeing the damage was the worst where they were hit the heaviest with the big killer, it was pretty obvious what happened. I sprayed a ton ph'd water on them to wash and flush them, watered them, but not too much, and they are coming back, but they are much less vigorous, leaves are droopy, and some are still canoeing, and what little new growth I've seen the last couple days looks wispy and stunted. I'm hoping they will rebound better, time will tell. No Browning of the leaves so that is a good sign. The tops have almost straightened back out except for one plant...Pissed at myself for screwing up what was looking to be a top notch crop.

    They are due to get nutes tomorrow, wondering if I should hold off while they are stressed or of it will help them.

    Strains: critical, Critical cheese and Cherry bomb. Three months into veg, five feet tall, in the ground in three feet wide by three feet deep, mix of happy frog and ocean Forest soils, getting GH nutes once a week. They were in absolutely perfect shape until I did this, and the damage happened literally over night, so it's clear what happened. I screwed up.

    If anyone has any ideas to help them recover, please let me know. Pics below to see the damage. Some of the whole plants, some close up to show the canoeing and f'd up new growth..I think they will survive, but I want to do what ever I can to get them recovered. This was going to be a kick ass crop, more I'm just trying to make sure it isn't ruined.

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  2. you should hold off on feeding and watering and let them recover
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  3. Definitely hold off on the feeding, maybe flush your soil good with fresh clean water to help them recover.
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  4. Thanks guys I'll give them water at the proper pH and let them do their thing. I'm just curious if you guys think this is something they'll just work through or if permanent damage has been done that will affect the crop. I know it's a tough question to answer but best guess will suffice.

    If you want to see what they looked like before I screwed them up check out my thread a couple threads down on this grow, it has pictures of the plants literally minutes before I overdose them. Things were looking Awesome. Thanks!
  5. they are very much salvageable if you chill on the nutes, are you sure it's not over watering?
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  6. I don't think so, it literally happened over night. The main cause was definitely the spray. they were two days over due for watering when I sprayed then, I was away on business, they still looked great. So I sprayed them and came back the next day to water them. That next day I came back to water them and saw the damage. I thought they were just wilted, gave them two gallons of water with nutes as usual, came back a few hours later expecting to see them perked back up, they weren't, then gave them each another gallon. When they still didn't perk back up I took a closer look and realized what had happened. Since then I've sprayed the plants with ph'd water, and they look allot better but still look like shit.

    Plus, they are in the holes in the ground, They get full direct sunlight 13 hours a day where they are it gets hot as fuck, soil tends to dry pretty good, two gallons a week plus rain has been fine for them. What do you think? Personally I don't think it's over watering but I'm new at this.

    Before I do anything tomorrow I'll see how wet the soil is, if it's still moist maybe I'll hold off. We are getting a lot of rain this week supposedly, so maybe they can wait. If it's moist at all, you think I should hold off watering them?

    Thanks for the help dude, this is my second outdoor crop, pulled off a good one for the first time last year in massive drought conditions up here, this year has been a cakewalk compared to last year until now.
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    Also why Chill on the nutes? Wont nutes help them recover? Not arguing with you just curious for the logic behind it seems kind of counterintuitive to me, but again I'm new at this I'll take any advice you got.

    The reason I was thinking about holding off on the nutes was because they are stressed and I do know enough to know that giving stressed out plants nutes can be a bad thing to do. But on the other hand I was thinking maybe the nutes would help them recover.

    So again thanks for the help man!
  8. So after doing a little research it seems cupping and drooping together is a sign of over-watering. Maybe the damage was done by the spray but me watering it with that extra gallon after it happened over watered the plants. The thing that confuses me is they definitely have bounced back a lot since the day I put 3 gallons on them instead of their usual two which would make me think the watering helped. And then spraying the shit out of the plants with water the last couple days probably didn't help either. But the droopy leaves and cupping would certainly suggest over-watering.

    I'm going to check the soil out really good tomorrow before I do anything. If its moist anywhere near the top I'm not going to water them. It is confusing because I've also dealt with severely wilted plants during last year's drought. The two conditions kind of look the same.

    I'd also note that before this there was absolutely no sign of any nutrient burn anywhere. So maybe I was giving them the right amount of water/nutes before this but that third gallon of water overwatered them?
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    At least it happened before flower lol
  10. Ok let's see now.......ya fucked up your plants by over nuting them and you are wondering if you should add more nutes........uh......how about.......NO!
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    The problem didn't come from over nuting them dude. I mixed Captain Jack's wrong. the third gallon I put in was plain water. There were absolutely zero signs of over nuting them before this happened. They looked as perfect as perfect could be.

    Over-watering them after I sprayed them with the captain Jack's? possibly. over nuting them this whole time? Absolutely not.

    Here's what the critical and the Cherry Bomb looked like a few minutes before I put on too much Captain Jack's. You tell me where you find anything wrong with them that shows i was over nuting them. If there is something there I'd be glad to know about it.

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  12. If it's nute burn then using nutes now will burn them more. Also always water then feed, if you feed dry plants the ute uptake can be too fast and actually cause damage.
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  13. He never said you were over Nuting them the entire time. Don't put make believe words into people's mouths. You definitely should not add more nutrients. Coty is right, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if over Nuting one time caused this much damage, giving them more will not help. That's like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.
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  14. I'm not putting words in his mouth, just responding to what I thought he was saying. I don't think he read my all my posts. Again, I didn't over nute them, hitting them with Captain Jack mixed with three timesthe concentrate needed screwed them up. They were fine before that happened. I screwed up, I'll admit that.

    Now, if you are saying that giving them nutes right after this happened was a bad move, I can certainly see your point in hindsight. Is that what you're saying? If so, then I screwed up twice.

    I'm not going to feed them today, wont even water them if the soil isn't ready. I think the best thing to do is nothing, unless they really need water. If not, I'll check them daily and when they do need water, they will get it, but definitely gonna hold off on the nutes.

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    Yes that is what I'm saying, definitely lay off the feeding for a bit and let nature do its thing and let them recover. Once they're back to their old self it will be safe to start giving them stuff in their water
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  16. Gotcha, now the over nuting comments make sense. Thanks for the help guys, I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully they will bounce back and once they do I'm going go back to the schedule I had before as it was working well until I screwed up.
  17. I was assuming Cpt J's was a foilar spray, I googled it and it's a spinosad insectcide. I don't use that stuff and I am not sure if that is what caused your issues or not. I'm thinking, now that I read what CJ's is you are probably overwatering. Those new leave look damaged by something, I hit one of my blue dreams the day before yesterday just a tad bit hard with my nutes, and yesterday I could see clear burn on the older lower leaves, and the tips of all the leaves we just barely showing signs of overfert. Only plant it happened to, used the same nute for all of them, so some plants are just more sensitive than others.
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  18. great looking plants, good luck. is your grow on private or public land? no chance someone else has found them and is also spraying and watering them?
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  19. Yeah I'm going to very carefully start watering them once they definitely need it. Going out to check on them in a little bit.

    It's private land behind my house no way anyone gets back there without me knowing it due to the geography.. Thanks for the compliments the critical cheese that I didn't put the picture up of look just as good as the other two until I did whatever I did that screwed them up. Hopefully they'll pull through and be fine.

    Thanks for the help guys much appreciated!
  20. I looked at the plants just now. They look a bit better, slowly recovering. Also looked at the soil very closely. I did not water them because the soil was still plenty moist after 1/4 inch down. They just don't need water right now. Going to check them daily, I think the best thing to do is do nothing until they need water. After all the advice I definitely think part of the problem is in my haste to try and get them recovered I way overwatered them. I suspect they will perk back up as the water in the holes disapates. Once they do need water it will be back to regular feedings.

    As far as using too much nutes, I saw a few big fan leaves that look burned a bit to me on the critical but that's it. The other two plants have no sign of nute burn. I think giving them nutes after the bug spray didn't help, but doesn't seem to have done much damage.

    Some of the very bottom fan leaves have yellowed are going to fall off on all the plants, but do on the critical. but given where they are in their growth cycle, just about to transition into flower, possibly already in transition, I'm not worried about them. Unless someone here says I should be coming lol.

    Posted some pics, what the soil looked like with 1/4 inch brushed away, the, plants from a distance, close up of the tops, and pics of what I suspect is root burn on the critical, and the dying leaves on the critical, which seems to have taken the worst of this.

    Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated! Thanks for the help all, I must admit that if you guys did not bring up the over-watering possibility I probably would not have looked as closely at the soil as I did today and made the problem worse.

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