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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannibus69, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. I have started my grow about 1 week ago and everything seems to be going ok. I have 3 blueberries , 1 Super Afghani, and 2 shit seeds growing. Everything seems to be going ok, but i have a small problem. I am not useing hps , mh, or fluorescents because the country i live in has a different power source (220v) compared to the Us 110v , so i cannot find a bulb capable of being used in a 110v lamp, so i have had to result to useing sunlight. I am concerned because i am not familiar with the length of time it will be in vegetative and when it will start to flower. I know that i have to use fert at 21 days old and all , but i am just wondering if the sunlight will be able to make my plant flower and produce good buds? Tell me some ways to ensure that it will be good weed and produce a lot of it too.
  2. well.. u can Veg for as long as u want.. there is no limit.. just remember when u flower it gets 3 times bigger.. keep ur floro lights on 24/7.. when u wanna flower.. find an HPS.. 12/12 and sunlight is the best kinda light.. u can flower outside, but make sure its getting 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of complete darkness. or it will take a LONG TIMEE to bud ur plant if its a female..
  3. Thx, i really need a hps, i am thinking about ordering off the internet. Thx for fast reply
  4. HOME DEPOT has the HPS Security lights.. they go up to 250w... i have a 70 HPS cause im growing 1 plant.

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