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Odd High, Experienced Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NuckingFuts, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Ok so, a little background info. I've smoked weed since about age 12 (I'm 19 now) and turned into a 'stoner' at around 16. The past 2 years I've smoked pretty much everyday (and usually all day) so it's not like I'm a newbie freaking out or anything. I've had a few bad experiences like a couple of whiteys when I was new, and that's it really.

    However, a few weeks ago my friend got some good green (I really don't know if it had a name) but it was dark coloured and had a sort of deeper smell, was sticky as fuck and to be fair it was great quality stuff. I smoked a few jays and pipes' worth of it over the past few weeks, helped him sell it off etc and received no complaints. I bought a q last Friday and it was business as usual, had a jay and a pipe, felt baked as hell etc etc. Anyway the next part is hard to explain I was laughing at something on TV a lot and then just sat relaxing. It was like I'd fallen asleep or something but I don't know if I did, I just remember realising how shitty I felt and freaking out.

    It was like a salvia trip perception-wise I wasn't seeing things but my vision felt really 'off balance', my legs were shaking, my heart was going fast and I had a hot pain on my back, shoulders and neck. I went to go lie down and started shaking uncontrollably, it really felt like I was tripping and it was extremely scary considering I've never had anything remotely like this happen to me before. I slowly got better with the more water I drank (my mouth was really dry, even after a few cups) and I ate to see if that would help. (All I'd eaten before smoking was like 2 pieces of toast but smoking on an empty stomach has never affected me before). It was just all normal and routine and this happens, leaving me in doubt whether I wanna risk smoking weed again and that would suck because most of my friends smoke weed and we like getting high together etc.

    So yeah if anyone's had a similar experience or knows what the problem could be your help will be appreciated. I smoked a little last night but it was just a couple of tokes at a party, I never got high.
  2. IMO low blood sugar. I would find this even more common if you had stood up fast and then sat back down, or felt sick when walking to the bathroom. The thing is has we get older our body changes, what use to not affect you now does. When I was 19 I could party for days sleep a few hours go to work, go party and repeat this for days and weeks at a time. If I did that now I would be sick and hateful, I cant do what I use to be able to do.

    Symptoms and Causes of Low Blood Sugars and Insulin Reactions
  3. do you take alot of acid, cuz that could be ur problem.
  4. o.o never happened to me but it just might be your blood sugar
  5. yeah my guy, who i get from told me that its just the weed, weed raises ur heart beat, so you know that if its beating faster so it burns more calaries so u get hotter(im guessing) this happened to me about 2 weeks ago and i was freaking the fuck out!!! i really thought i was gonna die but you know all you need is just a little bit of a raised heart beat and then i was scared and paranoid so it just kept rising,,, and then you later youll know its just a part of smokin weed. and then once you know, well ur brain will know so u wont get scared too much and u know its going to happen and sooner or later it will be natural/normal
  6. i agree. You should see a doctor tell him ur symtoms but i wouldnt tell him u were high lol
  7. That happened to me once without weed..
    Lol. and it's just intensified because of the high.
    Low blood sugar man, and the cotton mouth doesn't help either.
  8. That's a panic attack. Sometimes your tolerance drops and you end up smoking a little too much for your tolerance (this is much easier with stronger weed). This is the reason behind all the "Skunk causes schizophrenia" bull that the British media is spreading - because stronger strains can sometimes make people freak out.

    Just smoke less next time, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, go with it, you'll actually end up enjoying it. The worst is if you experience that while you're out at night, in an unfamiliar (and unsafe) neighbourhood. You suddenly forget where you are and you spend 2 hours finding your way home, not fun xD
  9. Thanks for the replies and links. It could've been either but eh preventing it should be easier now. I think the cotton mouth was definitely a factor since I usually always drink after smoking but I had couch lock and couldn't be bothered going to get one.

    And no, I've never taken acid lol.
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    you're a moron, don't go to a doctor, lie to him, and expect him to help you. dick.:mad:

    posts like this don't fly here
  11. if u go to a doc, just tell him u were high, my doctor knows i smoke pot alot and he doesnt care nor is he allowed to tell anyone. I like him knowing just in case.
  12. It's just low blood sugar. Trust me. Same thing happened to me awhile back. I had took about 8 shots of vodka within about a 10 minute period. After that we walked an hour and a half to a friends house to smoke. I had nothing to eat all day, nor did I have barely any water to drink. Oh, and this was in the dead of summer in Phoenix, AZ. We finally get to my friends house to smoke and I am extremely drunk, tired, dehydrated, and hungry. However, being so drunk, I didn't realize how dehydrated and hungry I was so we just started smoking bowl after bowl. Eventually I started to see everything turn black. My vision became blurry and everything just became a haze. I started to get very dizzy and had to sit down for a while. I didn't lose total consciousness, but had I not sat down and got some water, I think I would have passed out.

    Just be careful man. Drink plenty of fluids and get some good healthy food in your system. Stay in a cool room and be in some place where you won't feel paranoid. You should be fine next time. Also, just smoke one bowl and see how you feel. If you want more, take more. Don't just pack bowl after bowl of some dank if you are not used to that method of smoking.

    Be safe and enjoy your bud. That's the best you can do.

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