odd color changing

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  1. first time ive ever had a bowl with colors in it for my bong, it originally looked like this:
    and now it looks like this
    is this normal, or did some crazy shit go down?:smoking:
  2. Whats odd about the colour changing?
  3. after using it only about 3 times, a blue powder has developed inside the bowl (you can see in the 2nd pic) and ive never seen that happen in any glass piece, looks like glitter or some shit up close. I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them or if its a problem or something.
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    Looks like it's just the blue LED's from your computer reflecting off the built-up residue in your bowl.
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    Hey check out this aerial photograph of a painting I just made...

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    Dude... look at your PC and then maybe you'll work this mystery out.

  7. Sir, stop smoking so much chronic and get a grip. Man, it's all good! Like others said, blue LEDs are probably making you think it's changing color. Unless your glass has anything to do with China, it should be just fine.

  8. holy shit!!!!!yea some really crazy shit went down...your bowl changed into a bong between those two pics thats the craziest color changing ever
  9. Nah, its not the LEDs on my computer, but I just cleaned it out and all the wierd blue shit in it came out, turns out it was just the resin reflecting off the glass in and odd way.

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